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Studies On The Influence Of Physical Education Entrance Examination On Student's Exercise Motivation And Exercise Behavior

Posted on:2019-03-21Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2417330566478511Subject:Physical Education
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The implementation of the physical education system is to take the test as a means to improve school physical education.In the meantime,it has a great effect on promoting students to exercise and setting up the correct concept of physical health so as to improve their physical fitness.Besides,it also calls on the whole society to pay attention to health and participate in physical fitness actively.This paper adopts various research methods,such as literature,expert interview,questionnaire survey,mathematical statistics and logical induction.By having researches on the proposal and development of sports in the high school entrance examination and its rules,together with the grading criteria in order to have a thorough knowledge of physical education entrance examination.Additionally,this paper also studies how the primary and secondary school students in the Xianyang city spend their spare time,the present situation of their physical exercise behavior,the effect of physical education entrance examination and the factors that influence their physical activity and draws several conclusions.First of all,through analyzing and concluding the proposal,development and improvement of domestic physical education entrance examination,our country constantly put forward concrete strategies according to our national conditions.From the beginning trial test to the final necessary test,we can see the important position of sports examination in our state.According to the change and development of senior high school entrance examination in Shaanxi in recent years,including the aspects of the total score and proportion,the choice of indispensable and optional projects,which all reflect the flexibility of physical education entrance examination.Most importantly,the state adheres to the scientific development concept of people-oriented,and thinks from human nature in order to strengthen students' interests in sports and develop their idea of lifelong sports.Secondly,this paper compares three stages of students who participate in sports and comes to the conclusion that the primary school students tend to choose single and simple sports,while junior and high school students prefer diverse and complex sports.From the choose of exercise duration,we discovered that the primary school students tend to make full use of vacations to focus on physical activities,while the junior and high school students have strong sports consciousness and good sports habits that they regard sports as part of their life and schedule appropriate sports both in week and vacation.Thirdly,in terms of the sustainability of physical activity,students in junior high school have a high degree of continuity,which has a gap comparing to the other two stages' students,and thecontinuity of primary school students is inferior to the high school students,but these three stages' students are not very captious of choosing sports venues.In addition,the reasons why most students choose to do exercise are to build their body,reduce their weight,release pressure,cultivate their social communication and enjoy themselves.Most students participate in sports activities that are highly entertaining and less professional,and a little bit of students participate in sports activities under the pressure of their parents.Lastly,schools,families and the surrounding environment all have an impact on students' physical activities.Although the parents of most students are willing to support their children to do physical sports,the atmosphere that family enjoys doing sports is not very high.To a large degree,the weakness of national fitness awareness will also have an effect on students' enthusiasm to participate in physical sports,and the sports environment in schools is the most basic condition for students to participate in sports activities.
Keywords/Search Tags:Physical Education Entrance Examination, Physical Exercise Behavior, Physical Exercise Motivation
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