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Research On The Coutermeasures To Improve The Affinity Of Ideological And Political Classroom Teaching In Senior High School

Posted on:2022-06-13Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2517306542969719Subject:Master of Education
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On March 18,2019,General Secretary Xi Jinping proposed at a symposium for teachers of ideological and political theory classes in schools that "to promote reform and innovation in ideological and political theory classes,we should continuously enhance the ideological,theoretical,and affinity and relevance of ideological and political science classes." It is a challenge for all ideological and political teaching staff to help students participate more effectively in the ideological and political classroom by enhancing the affinity of teaching.As a key course,the fundamental task of the high school Civics class is to realise the goal of "building moral character".Therefore,to enhance the affinity of classroom teaching in high school Civics is not only the external need to comply with teaching reform and innovation,but also the internal need to promote student development.This paper takes literature research,interviews and questionnaires,and combines the author's experience in an educational internship in a secondary school in Weihai,to analyse the current dilemmas and propose solutions to the difficulties in improving the affinity for classroom teaching in high school Civics.Firstly,the concept of classroom teaching affinity in high school Civics and Political Science is defined,its theoretical basis is analysed,and the importance of this research is explained.Secondly,through the distribution of questionnaires to high school students in a middle school in Weihai and the author's classroom observations during the internship,an in-depth analysis of the current situation of classroom teaching affinity in the school's Civics class is conducted,pointing out the current problems of classroom teaching affinity in the high school Civics class,including the lack of intimacy between teachers and students,the lack of attractiveness of teachers' teaching,the lack of interesting teaching means,the lack of classroom atmosphere and other four aspects.In response to these problems,four aspects are analysed,including the lack of teachers' awareness of equality,the lack of teachers' teaching design ability,the lack of teachers' classroom teaching ability,and the lack of teacher-student interaction forms.In order to improve the relationship between teachers and students and to create a harmonious and pleasant classroom teaching,the aim is to provide a reference for the improvement of the affinity between teaching and learning in high school Civics classes.Finally,the practical exploration of teaching affinity in the senior secondary Civics classroom is based on the example of Value Judgement and Value Choice,which puts theoretical research into practical teaching.Through the research of this paper,it provides useful reference for future front-line teachers of high school Civics to change their traditional educational concepts and innovative teaching forms,and also provides reference for optimising the teaching affinity in high school Civics classrooms,which has certain theoretical reference and practical value.
Keywords/Search Tags:High school ideology and politics class, Teaching affinity, Research on countermeasures
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