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Research On The Current Situation And Optimized Path Of Physical Education Learning Evaluation Of Middle School Students In Qujing City Under The Background Of Physical Education Examination

Posted on:2022-11-14Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2517306773468924Subject:Physical Education
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The learning evaluation of physical education and sports is a part of physical education teaching evaluation,is also an important part of the school sports teaching work,in the evaluation of the various elements of the goals you can let students realize the importance of evaluation,also can improve students' physical education learning evaluation function,so that teachers in a timely manner to improve the teaching method,improve the teaching quality.As a means of evaluation,the physical examination effectively strengthens students' interest in physical education,promotes the development of students' physical health,and promotes the realization of the goal of school physical education.In this paper,mainly using the home and abroad literature material method to sort out the student the study content of sports learning evaluation and examination of combing the relationship between them,and according to the policy for part of the theoretical basis,basic principles and made a physical examination under the background of sports learning evaluation system,and USES the questionnaire survey method,interview method,mathematical statistics and other research methods,By taking the teachers and students of 10 middle schools in Qujing city as the investigation object,the implementation status of PE learning evaluation of students in Qujing junior middle school is investigated as the research object.The investigation starts with the implementation of the contents,methods,standards and subjects of the students' PE learning evaluation,and finds the problems existing in the implementation of the students' PE learning evaluation in qujing junior middle school and analyzes the causes.According to research conclusions,based on the examination of sports under the background of the student to analyze causes of sports learning evaluation system and put forward the optimization path:(1)enriching the content of the learning evaluation of physical education and sports,and the situation of students' health behavior,and to participate in the competition of great importance to evaluation,correct understanding of the relationship between the physical examination and physical education learning evaluation.(2)Give full play to the role of process evaluation and diagnostic evaluation to evaluate the progress of students.(3)Adjust the evaluation standard,timely understand the reform content of the physical education examination,correctly understand the relationship between the physical education examination and students' physical education study evaluation,promote students' physical education study.(4)Combine multi-faceted evaluation subjects,implement the concept of home-school cooperation,and improve the objectivity and rationality of evaluation.
Keywords/Search Tags:Evaluation of student's PE learning, physical education examination, qujing city, evaluation model, optimize the path
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