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Content Analysis And Teaching Research Of Ancient World History In "The Outline Of Chinese And Foreign History(volume ?)"

Posted on:2022-12-10Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Under the background of globalization,world history is an important carrier for students to understand the world and the civilizations of various countries.Among them,ancient world history,as the beginning of world history,is listed in the first place of "The Outline of Chinese and Foreign History(Volume II)" which is the history textbooks in high school.The important position of the first lesson should be paid attention to.At the same time,the content of ancient world history has also changed in the new textbook.How to deal with the vast amount of knowledge content in the textbook and ensure that the teaching goal can be completed within the limited time is also a great challenge to many teachers.In this regard,in order to solve the teaching problem in high school of the ancient world history,and also to supplement the research on the ancient world history of the new textbooks,this paper takes the content of the ancient world history of the " The Outline of Chinese and Foreign History(Volume II)" as the research object and uses the method of literature research and case analysis.The method is studied from four perspectives:related concepts,writing background,content analysis,and content characteristics,and finally puts forward teaching suggestions on ancient world history.The text is divided into five chapters.The first chapter explains the relevant concepts of the ancient world history to avoid ambiguity;the second chapter discusses the background of the compilation of the ancient world history,respectively discusses the importance of the teaching of the ancient world history under the background of the new curriculum reform,and The content requirements,teaching requirements,and academic requirements of the curriculum standards for ordinary high school history(2017 edition2020 revision)for the ancient world history ensure that the teaching direction is not deviated and the teaching methods are not wrong;the third chapter mainly analyzes the content of the ancient world history in the textbooks,first of all,the distribution of the ancient world history in the textbooks Explain,and then specifically study the content of the text and summarize the teaching theme;Chapter Four,based on content analysis,concludes that the content of ancient world history reflects the origin of human civilization,reflects the diverse characteristics of human civilization,the first lesson of world history,and the use of historical maps;The fifth chapter combines the content characteristics of the ancient world history and puts forward three teaching suggestions to establish the overall teaching concept,highlight the characteristics of world history,and be student-oriented in teaching.Each teaching suggestion is divided into two points and combined with the specific case of the textbook to illustrate.
Keywords/Search Tags:Ancient world history, The Outline of Chinese and Foreign History(Volume ?), High school history teaching research
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