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Research On The Use Of Historical Sources In The Unified Senior High School History Textbook "Outline Of Chinese And Foreign History(Volume One)"

Posted on:2021-02-18Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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The study of history can't be separated from historical sources,and high school students must study historical data to study history.“The history curriculum standard of general high school(2017 edition)” stipulates that the history curriculum needs to cultivate the students' core literacy of five subjects,and points out that the quality of "historical material demonstration" is the necessary way to achieve all the literacy.“ Outline of Chinese and Foreign History(Volume One)”is a unified high school history textbook compiled according to the new curriculum standard for high school history in 2017.It has been put into use nationwide since September 2019 and is an essential tool for future history teaching and students' learning of history.The inclusion of historical materials in textbooks is not only the embodiment of the quality of “historical material positivism” in textbooks,but also an effective way to cultivate students' awareness of “historical material positivism”.The research on the historical sources of textbooks will help the middle school teachers to use the historical sources of textbooks selectively and reasonably,improve the effectiveness of classroom teaching,and at the same time help to cultivate the students' consciousness of "historical material demonstrat ion" in teaching,enhance the ability of historical interpretation,promote the development of subject core accomplishment.In this paper,the historical sources in the high school history textbook "Outline of Chinese and Foreign History(Volume One)" are taken as the object of study,this paper compares the historical sources in the “Outline of Chinese and Foreign History(Volume One)” with the historical sources in the People's edition of textbooks from the angles of quantity and distribution,presenting mode and content of historical sources,and sums up the characteristics of the historical sources in the unified textbook.This paper puts forward the principles to be followed in the teaching of historical sources under the task of cultivating the core quality of the subject of "historical materials demonstration".When teachers use historical sources in teaching,they should follow the principles of authenticity,typicality and combination of historical theory.We should not only fully excavate the historical sources in textbooks,but also supplement the extra-curricular historical sources related to the teaching contents.We should be problem-oriented,pay attention to the effectiveness of historical sources,and at the same time,use historical sources for value guidance,strengthen our own reading,develop our professional ability,and broaden the breadth and breadth of teachers' knowledge.and puts forward some suggestions on the application of historical sources in the teaching of the “Outline of Chinese and Foreign History(Volume One)” historical compendium.Taking the course “the foundation of Qin unified multi-ethnic feudal state” as an example,the teaching design is compiled from two aspects: the written and the graphic historical sources.
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