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Influence Mechanism Of Knowledge Team Conflict On Team Creativity

Posted on:2017-02-11Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
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With the continuous development of economic and increasingly intense competition in the market, innovative team is particularly important in knowledge organization, its creation and innovation ability indicate the improvement of enterprise competition. Under the background of high requirements of the task, the knowledge team conflict has obvious effects on team creativity. How to effectively manage conflict and promote creativity are the problems to be solved. The article uses knowledge team as the research object, regards it as the information processing unit and analyzes the effect of team conflict on team creativity based on complex adaption system theory. Combined with knowledge team characteristics, the article verifies three-dimensional structure of team conflict and team creativity and their interdependency by reviewing previous relevant research and focusing on the problems to be solved. Structural equation modeling technology, nonlinear regression method and hierarchical regression analysis are used to analyze the large sample.The main innovative points of the article are summarized as follows:(1) Research effect mechanism of team conflict on team creativity based CASThe research combines CAS theory and learning theory to analyze the effect of team conflict on team creativity from knowledge talents adaptability. The resarch uses and mixs implementation-system stimulating reaction mechanism, credit allocation mechanism(Adaptation recognition and modification) and environmental selection mechanism to build a theoretical model. Effect of team conflict on team creativity mechanism are mainly in two aspects: first, information in the conflict can be filtered, saved and picked up by transactive memory system, second, modifying the internal model, eliminating old experience or rules and accumulating adaptable experience or rules can promote formation of team shared mental model, that can recombine and replace continued rules. Environmental complexity will have an impact on the emergence of diversity and differences.(2) Testing the function and impact of team conflict on team creativityOn the basis of the theory study and empirical testing, the research used structural equation modeling technique and nonlinear regression method to test the relationship between ralated variables, and proved the nonlinear relationships between team conflict and team creativity. The results showed that the average age of team members, team size and team duration may affect interactive memory system, shared mental model and team creativity; task conflict will positively promote team relationship conflict and process conflict, process conflict also had positive effects on relationship conflict; task conflict will positively promote team creativity, they presents logarithm function relation; process conflict and team creativity presents the relationship of quadratic function, process conflict will reduce productivity; under the influence of relationship conflict, team creativity in three dimensions showed trend of decreased and then increased; Task conflict have a positive effect on team creativity through transactive memory system and shared mental model; process conflict have a negative effect on team creativity through transactive memory system and shared mental model.(3) Confirming the boundary conditions of team conflict effectEmpirical analysis results show that task complexity has positive regulative effect in the relationship of "process conflict- team creativity" and " relationship conflict-team creativity", that means the increasing task complexity can strengthen the negative effects of process conflict and relationship conflict on team creativity, in terms of effect of task conflict on team creativity, team complexity don not reflect a significant regulative role.The innovation or academic value of this study is mainly reflected as follows: First, opening new theoretical perspective of team creativity research and putting forward the related theory and mechanism. The study jumps out of the traditional enterprise management research paradigm, based on CAS theory, team learning theory and others, starting from the knowledge talent adaptability analyse creativity system emergence process and mechanism stimulated by conflict. The research tries to enrich and expand the traditional enterprise human resources management research perspective, it can provide new insights for the conflict theory research development. Second, the article explains the mechanism of team conflict on team creativity from the non-linear perspective. Based on the verification of structural equation, research considers the nonlinear regression results and knowledge team return visit, explores the relationship between variables, studies and discusses the conclusion, the study found that the special relationship between conflict and creativity in China, cpmpared with the western theory and the current conclusion, explored the deep-seated reasons which may be hidden, explained the specific process of team conflict influencing team creativity, put forward suggestions for chinese team management, author hope have better value for theory reseach and management prctice.
Keywords/Search Tags:Knowledge team, Team conflict, Team creativity, Interactive memory system, shared mental model
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