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On The Public Satisfaction Measurement Of Government Information Disclosure Based On Improved Rough Set

Posted on:2012-10-26Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
Country:ChinaCandidate:H C ZhuFull Text:PDF
GTID:1116330338472710Subject:Administrative Management
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With the development of modern democracy system and information society, western countries carry out the government information disclosure system in order to protect citizen's rights to know the facts of a case, and safeguard the under-table reckless behavior of ruling class through legal regulated government information disclosure. The government information disclosure plays an inestimable role in maintaining the social order stability, restraining the corruption, boosting the economic development, and changing style of work in government agencies. The content, scope, timeliness of the government information disclosure in China have been far from adequate to meet the demands of its citizen, because the practice of information disclosure was not satisfying and the system was initiated quite late in China. Therefore, on the basis of the researches on government information disclosure, satisfaction assessment, and rough set at home and abroad, this dissertation focuses on basic theory, theoretical basis, theoretical system, and suggestion of citizen satisfaction assessment of government information disclosure aiming at rapidly increasing needs of huge citizen's right to know. Rough set theory is applied to describe and deal with the weight of uncertainty in this research, which explores the theoretical perspective and logical mentality of construction of public satisfaction assessment system, which are helpful in completing the government information disclosure system and its practice in China.Firstly, this dissertation proposes the government information disclosure public satisfaction index model(GIDPSI_IRS)based on rough set. It describes the connotation and factors of the GIDPSI_IRS model according to the formation mechanism of public satisfaction; constructs the index system of the GIDPSI_IRS model based on the improved rough sets conditional information entropy; emphasizes its differences and relationships with other classical models.Secondly, this dissertation builds an evaluation methodology of government information disclosure based on improved rough set. It presents the assessment flow of the method ,analyzes the suitable way to collect and analyze data, the advantages and feasibility of the application of rough set to government information disclosure public satisfaction assessment;testifies its validity.Finally, the dissertation conducts the case study taking some cities in Hunan Province as the research object. It describes statistic character of the data; analyzes the actual state of government information disclosure in Hunan Province; testifies validity of the model and calculation method of attribute weight compared to classic rough set methods; suggests solutions for improving satisfaction degree according to the degree of satisfaction - importance quadrant chart drew from the case study.
Keywords/Search Tags:government information disclosure, public satisfaction degree, rough set, assess system, solution
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