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Land Degradation In Economics Analysis And Research

Posted on:2002-03-01Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
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GTID:1116360032456119Subject:Soil science
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Land degradation was one of hotspots in modern scientific researches. Land degradation was both ecological and socioeconomic phenomenon. There was the lack of the study on land degradation from the point of view of socioeconomic in China. The effective object of land degradation was human being and society. There were some socioeconomic causes on the formation of Land degradation. Moreover, the effects of land degradation mainly did harm to economy. Therefore, land degradation could be also thought as a kind of economic phenomenon. It was required to study land degradation from the point of view of economic analysis according to the affinity of land degradation and socioeconomic. Only that, we had chance to understand the socioeconomic essence and characteristic of land degradation, and knew the socioeconomic law of land degradation how to take place and develop, came into being right socioeconomic theory and guidance thinking, and put forward effective socioeconomic countermeasures against land degradation. ŠůÉconomical Analysis and Countermeasure Study of Land Degradation?based on above thinking was brought forward. Main content on the paper was summarized as follows: 1.The socioeconomic cause of land degradation. Land degradation was a kind of ecological phenomenon as well as a kind of socioeconomic phenomenon. The cause of land degradation had both ecological and socioeconomic aspects. It was a dynamic process that the ecological environment was destroyed because of effect of human activity and the potential natural factors. It was also result from Corrective effect of both illogical action and tender eco-environment. After objectively analyzing the socioeconomic cause, main socioeconomic mechanisms of land degradation formation were probed into the basic process and function mechanism of land degradation by population pressure, market failure, and policy misplay and so on. Scientific gist of controlling land degradation comes from the law of land degradation occurring and developing in essence. 2.The socioeconomic aftereffect of Land degradation. It was inevitably that socioeconomic fate of one country was closely relation with the status of its resources and environment. Land resource, national economy and ceo-environment was immensely destroyed by land degradation. Severe resource degradation including soil loss, environment pollution had evolved into environmental disaster. Its on-site and off-site cost was more than ordinary natural disaster. There was great significance of controlling land degradation in China. 3.The theory and method of micro-economic evaluation to land degradation. In order to deal with its challenge, all kinds of measures to controlling land degradation should be set down, but firstly, holding the economical loss in the quantitative level was necessary. Furthermore, techno-valuation of degradation need 216 organically fall together to the greatest extent. So was the problem of micro-economic evaluation to land degradation. Its content included valuation principle, index system, method and model, the linked approach of economic and technical valuation. 4.The theory and method of macro-economic accounting to land degradation. Land resource was the physical foundation and environmental condition of human survival and development. In order to sure sustainable development of our nation economy in twenty-first century, to carry out land resource accounting for accurately dealing w...
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