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Analysis Of Investing In Sustainable Land Use

Posted on:2005-04-03Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Y B WuFull Text:PDF
GTID:2156360122495702Subject:Water Resources and Hydropower Engineering
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With the rapid development of the human production and population drastically increasing, the relation of laud resource and society has broken through the single national scope and has become the global serious problem of the human society and sustaining development. In China, land resource has been seriously destroyed as a result of its unreasonable use. To this case, the concept of sustainable land use has become more and more important. It is a conclusion of the human being and nature relation and a new concept of the whole resources and human being. Economy, system and other factors can lead to the land resource destroy. As an important factor of environmental resource, it has a obvious externalities, public goods attribute. These characters lead to the "market failure", "politics failure", and the market can not allocate the resource reasonably. To resolve this problem, the key is to put the environment factors into the process of economy decision. In other words, the focus is how to changing external cost into internal cost and external benefit into internal benefit. At present, lots of investors ignore the ecology and environment attributes of land resource, only address theirs own benefits. As a result, the national economy appraisal has been neglected. At present, we cannot consider the environment destroy thoroughly, which is the result of unreasonable land using, by the method of cost -benefit analysis. We must analyze the value of the land resource in the first. Through analyzing different attitudes of land resource in this paper, the author consider that the theory of land environmental value can thoroughly express the relation among human, nature, society, economy. In this paper, the author has studied lots of different attitudes from different countries and analyzed the externalities. The economic analysis of externalities and the method of measuring it were included in this paper. The writer provided the input-output model. This is the most important section in this paper. At last, basing on description of the pre-conditions and some questions, the writer made use of the input-output model based on an economic system for land ecology to measure the specific items. So the writer draws a conclusion that the input-output model is a promising method.
Keywords/Search Tags:Sustainable land use, Externalities, Public goods, Cost-benefit analysis, Input-output model
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