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A Research On The Mechanism And The Performance Appraisal Of Green Marketing

Posted on:2003-12-09Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
Country:ChinaCandidate:M X WeiFull Text:PDF
GTID:1116360065956179Subject:Management Science and Engineering
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The new viewpoint of sustainable development requires sustainable development of not only the Macro and intermediate economy but also the micro economy basis-enterprise. An important aspect of enterprise sustainable development is to realize green marketing. This paper make integrative use of marketing theories, sustainable development theories, welfare economics, game theory, system theory, control theory, fuzzy mathematics and artificial neural network to research the mechanism, performance appraisal and control of green marketing systematically, and develops some new concepts, principles and methods.Firstly, this paper lays down a basic analysis platform. It defines the basic concepts of green marketing, analyses its characteristics of green nature, continuity, external economy, systematicness and cumulativeness, and probes into its implicative thinking in it: green culture, green ethics and green philosophy.Secondly, this paper interprets the external working mechanism and the internal realizing mechanism of green marketing. The external working mechanism whose base is the external economy of green marketing mainly includes the game between Enterprise-Enterprise and Enterprise-Consumer, the influence of green marketing on social welfare, and the "Adverse Selection" in green marketing. The internal realizing mechanism, which is discussed based on the analysis of green marketing' factor affected, mainly includes the basic principles, its realizing approaches, and its realizing process.Basic principles contain system principle, externals economy principle, risk principle, continuity principle, coordination principle, and cumulativeness principle. Realizing methods includes marketing green reengineering, green core competence, unified green marketing, green enterprise identification system and green network marketing.Thirdly, this paper formulates primarily the performance appraisal system of green marketing. At first, it establishes the net and tree indexes system of performance appraisal and some new concepts of performance measure, coordination measure and continuity measure. Then it interprets basic indexes of various subsystems of green marketing and the logical relations between these indexes. At last, it discusses the integrative appraisal model of index system based on net and tree structure, and develops the appraisal methods and models of developing, continuing and coordinating performance of green marketing.Fourthly, this paper probes into the control of green marketing performance. It mainly includes the discussion of its control subject, object and basic procedures, the research of its model of optimization control, system substitution control and feedback control, the coordination and fuzzy control methods and other more practical control measures.Finally, this paper empirically analyzes some theories and appraisal methods of green marketing. The paper investigates the situation of green marketing in our country, including enterprise green consciousness, green production, the realization of green 4P strategy and green consumption, etc, and analyzes the existing problems and development. Furthermore, taking Henan TianGuan Group as an example, the paper verifies some methods for evaluating green marketing performance.
Keywords/Search Tags:Sustainable Development, Green Marketing, Performance, Appraisal, Social Welfare, Game
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