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Research On The Enterprise Green Marketing Based On Game Theory

Posted on:2005-02-06Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Z J ZhangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2156360125470789Subject:Industrial Economics
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Since 1960', green marketing has gradually taken its shape with the profound research of the issues about environment and resources being concerned.With the world proceeding into 1990's, articles and monographs have come into being in a continuous stream and green marketing practice has been increasingly attaining in-depth advance.At the end of 1980's, China started to develop green marketing, but theoretical research and practice in China was at its initial stage and thus lagged behind advanced world levels.A developing country undergoing rapid economic development, China is now enduring environment, population and resource pressures, which have increasingly become critical conditioning factors for its economic growth and social progress.The research on green marketing has become an urgent not only concern the sustainable, stable and healthy development of China's national economy and enduring prosperity of Chinese enterprise in the market competition hinges.Thesis based on the basic concept and theory of game theory and green marketing and synthetically use the theory and means of many subject open out the common theory and rule of game theory and green marketing, and carry through the consumer behavior analysis of green marketing, and indicate that green consumer character is a complicated whole .It include population and society economic factor character, culture factor character, individuality psychology factor character, attitude character, residence character and carry through the enterprise behavior analysis of green marketing .It indicate that the enterprise's strength, energy and benefit is the main Influence factor of whether or not the enterprise enter green consume market and develop green marketing at how much degree.It establish enterprise and consumer's complete information static state game model and complete information dynamic state game model and carry through solution and analysis. It establish game model between enterprise and carry through solution and analysis.But the research of enterprise green marketing based on game theory is not perfect about some questions limited by various kinds of subjective and objective condition .It needs the masses of workers making great efforts continually.
Keywords/Search Tags:Game theory, Green marketing, Enterprise, Sustainable development, Green product
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