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Study On The Basis Of The Intergrowth Theory Of The Enterprise Clusters Organization

Posted on:2004-03-01Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
Country:ChinaCandidate:D T ChengFull Text:PDF
GTID:1116360122470679Subject:Management Science and Engineering
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Document materials up until now show, no matter abroad or domestic, the research that is about enterprise clusters centralized in the fields of macro-economy and industry economy. The dissertation takes the lead in analyses and studying the enterprise clusters systematically from the micro field, Point out that the intergrowth contributes to reduce marketing cost of the enterprise and inside management control cost, thus improved the whole competitive power of enterprise clusters. The dissertation has proposed the mode that enterprise has emerged under the intergrowth relation, the choice mechanism to the intergrowth target of enterprise, the regulation mechanism to the enterprise clusters evolution. All there are positive reference meanings to the clusters, enterprises, governments in the analysis and conclusion of the dissertation.The content of the dissertation does the following arrangement:In chapter one, the dissertation introduces the background studied, discuss the intension of the enterprise clusters and extend, put forward the definition of the enterprise clusters, introduce the places of the content studied, method and innovation.In chapter two, introduce the research document about the enterprise clusters both at home and abroad, collect the research documents, sum up and summarize from four respects of advantage of external economy, trade expenses, innovation, competition. The study on domestic relevant enterprises clusters has carried on the survey. The dissertation introduce the organization evolution theory and relevant theory, introduce the concept of the intergrowth theory and basic principle especially.In chapter three, use business ecology and intergrowth theory to analyze the competition and cooperation in the enterprise ecosystem of the enterprise clusters, define the concept and characteristic of the intergrowth form of the enterprise, point out the ideal intergrowth form, and derive the mathematics model of the relation of enterprise intergrowth.In chapter four, analyze and discuss the condition of the relation of enterprise intergrowth, probe into the principle that the enterprise forms the homobium, analyze the correlations between the intergrowth degree of enterprise clusters and other characteristics. The gradual progress way and characteristic organized to the enterprise clusters intergrowth are analyzed.In chapter five, analyze the institutional framework of the network and characteristic, and explain this phenomenon with the economics principle, classify for the enterprise clusters according to four standards.In chapter six, analyze the evolution route where the enterprise clusters produces, grow up with the intergrowth theory, analyze the life period of enterprise clusters, analyze the impact on enterprise clusters development of the in technology chooses mechanism.In chapter seven, on the basis of structuring the value chain of enterprise clusters, have carried on exhaustive analysis to the choice mechanism of the intergrowth target, the regulation mechanism of intergrowth energy, and influence and function between the environment and the enterprise clusters, intergrowth enterprise.In chapter eight, pass the investigation data of five cities and 183 enterprises in Zhejiang, carry on the analysis of real example of the enterprise clusters.In chapter nine, the analysis to the dissertation is summarized, the suggestion for developing the regional economy is proposed to the local government on the basis of the summaries. The study on enterprise clusters field looks into the distance briefly, too.Lie in the place of innovation of this dissertation:First of all, the dissertation uses the intergrowth theory to analyse that the phenomena of enterprise clusters in the domain of the social sciences, not only still belong to the first time in the field of research of the enterprise, even if but also rare in application study of the intergrowth theory. The research of this thesis leads the intergrowth theory into the management domain, has made the help...
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