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Study On The Application Of Agricultural Water-saving Irrigation Technology

Posted on:2005-09-22Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
Country:ChinaCandidate:Q HanFull Text:PDF
GTID:1116360122488960Subject:Agricultural Economics and Management
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Developing agricultural water-saving irrigation technology is a important way of improving water resource utilization efficiency, maintaining entironment and realizing agricultural sustainable development. This thsis analyzes water-saving irrigation technology economical character, technology providers' behaviors, supplying model, supplying efficiency, system inspiritment and technology application affecting factors on the basis of resource economics, system economics, informition economics and sustainable development theory. Therefore, this study will provide reference for deepening change and establishing policy of agricultural water-saving irrigation technology.The main conclusions in this thsis are as follows: (1) That agricultural water-saving irrigation technology supplied by communities and farmers is a tendency in china. Thus, agricultural water-saving irrigation technology's economical character represents semi-public goods; (2) Increasing water price, establishing rules of encouragement and punishment, enhancing water-saving effect and decreasing technology cost will increase farmers' technology supply; (3) Economy development level will affect directly application of water-saving irrigation technology in survey villages. Economical crops must adopt water-saving irrigation technology firstly when water supply and capital input are limited. Grains adopt traditional technology which utilization efficiency is low, wheres economical crops adopt modern technology which utilization efficiency is high commonly. The level of water deficiency will impact survey farmers' choice of water-saving irrigation technology. The factors of water price and government support will affect economical crops' technology choice remarkably, wheres these fators have no effect on grains' technology choice nearly.Consequently, in order to promote the application of water-saving irrigation is essential that (1) to strengthen farmers' participation in irrigation technology construction and management;(2) to introduce credit means and scientific research of high technology and low cost; (3) to carry out policy of adjustment of agricultural water price and product structure accordingly;(4) to form system of water-saving irrigation technology according to water resource reserves and farmers' economical endurance in different areas.The main innovation points in this thsis are as follows: (1) Action of personal supply of water-saving irrigation technology according as ways of magrginal analysis has been studied; (2) Systems of encouragement and punishment by the way of Game theroy in farmers' technology supply has been investigated; (3) The form of agricultural water price depend on welfare analysis has been studied; (4) The affecting factors of farmers' water-saving irrigation technology choices by econometrics has been analyzed.
Keywords/Search Tags:water-saving irrigation, system inspiritment, affecting factors
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