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Study On Management Model Of Agricultural Irrigation Water-consumption In GuiZhou

Posted on:2005-11-14Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2166360155457811Subject:Public Management
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With the acceleration of the shortage of water resources, water-shortage has not only become a bottleneck restricting economic and social development, but also a key factor limiting agricultural development in Guizhou. Agriculture is an industry of main water-consumption while agricultural water-consumption accounts for 70% of total water-consumption in Guizhou. Thus water-saving should be focused on agricultural field. In addition, Agricultural water-saving construction involves not only engineering and technological issues, but also relates to water-consumption management system and policies. At present, main hydraulic facilities in Guizhou belong to state-owned properties and are operated, managed and maintained by specialized departments under the leadership of the government. However, some hydraulic facilities are out of management, repair and maintenance and are operated with low efficiency for many years due to incomplete property rights system and operation mechanism. Moreover, these issues having caused and worsened financial problems accordingly. Although every level of government departments has issued a series of regulations on reforming water-consumption prices, there are so many difficulties still existed in reforming agricultural water-consumption prices and fee-collection. The fundamental reason is without establishing management model and operation mechanism correspondingly. Therefore, it is urgent and necessary to establish new agricultural water-consumption management model to reduce financial burden, to maximize benefit of water supply management agencies and irrigation benefit and to save water resources. Since the middle and late of 1980s, many countries gradually adopt reform policies such as transferring rights & responsibilities on irrigation system from government to farmers' association and other private institutions in purpose of reducing government's financial burden, maximizing usage of water resources and operation efficiency of hydraulic engineering facilities to solve crisis of water-shortage. According to the actual situation of agricultural water-consumption waste and the shortage of water resources co-existed in Guizhou and referring to successful experiences on management models and reforms of agricultural water-consumption home and abroad, this paper approaches reforming on agricultural water-consumption and management with a new model of water-consumption households' participation in irrigation management. Specifically, this new model is an operation and management system for water supply and water-consumption which is established and self-controlled according to different hydraulic economy zones. Meanwhile, it shall be composed of water supply agencies and water-consumption farmer households' association to carry out water supply and water-consumption according to contracts between them. The primary structure of this model is consisted of water supply agencies with water-consumption households' association, water-consumption group and water-consumption households with features of dealing water as a commodity according to market principles, participating irrigation management by water-consumption farmer households, enjoying the status of legal person by water supply management agency and water-consumption households' association, realizing economic targets, operating in standardized way to achieve water-saving and benefit maximization.
Keywords/Search Tags:Irrigation water resources management, agricultural water-consumption policy and management model, irrigation management participation system, water-consumption households' association
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