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Economics Analysis On Water Resources Utilization Of Large-scale Irrigation District

Posted on:2006-04-06Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:X L WangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2156360152995689Subject:Agricultural Economics and Management
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The Yellow River is the only source of water of Hetao irrigation district where located in half an arid area .At present, water-using efficiency is low. A cubic meter of water produces the grain that is less than 1 kilogram. Irrigation volume is about 600 cubic meter / mu. Based on the principle of economics and practical production,the paper analyzed quantitatively and qualitatively from four respects and put forward some water-saving measures to gain the result of increasing yield and saving water. Based on the observed data of an experiment without full irrigation, the author set up crop water production function. The result shows the precision irrigation of wheat is 211 cubic meter / mu. It economizes 50 cubic meter of water than full irrigation. The irrigation method is conventional flooding irrigation. The paper points out that level land and narrow the unit of irrigating. Fertilizer quantity influences water use efficiency, fertilizer quantity and WUE presents parabola trend, namely WUE must be risen as the input of water, to certain extent, the fertilizer amount increases again, WUE present the downward trend again. Therefore confirm the best fertilizer amount from water-saving angle. In addition, adjust the crop structure of the irrigation area. According to the comparative benefit theory, the author proposes that compress the area of the beet, wheat, enlarge the area of maize, green-feed correspondingly. On construction of irrigation engineering, because of input restraint, also, considering water loss rate of the canals at all levels, the paper proposes that carrying on the prevention of seepage control of trunk canal at first in order to prevent a large amount of water from wasting invalid. Based on the theory of maximizing profit, the paper shows that precision irrigation volume, transferable water right system and water price calculated according to water consumption is the effective mechanism of encouraging irrigation district to economize water. The author also put forward advice for farther research.
Keywords/Search Tags:Irrigation volume, Efficiency, Water right, Irrigation system
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