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A Study Of The Price Management In China Under The Situation Of The Market Economy

Posted on:2005-06-27Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
Country:ChinaCandidate:R X JiangFull Text:PDF
GTID:1116360122497527Subject:Political economy
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Price mechanism is the core of market mechanism. Agilely mirroring the changes of economic parameters, price changes can realize the optimum distribution of social resources, encourage enterprises to make incessant innovations and promote sustainable social and economic development. But the existence of such market failure factors as monopoly, externality, public products and information imsymmetry always leads to the distortion of price mechanism and resources distribution can hardly achieve Pareto Efficiency. Government price management is undoubtedly necessary to overcome the market deficiencies. In the new era of perfecting socialist market economy system in China, the discussion of how optimum resources distribution can be realized through government's effective price management in areas that can't be before via price mechanism, is of both theoretical and realistic significances.Under the guidelines of Marx's value & price theory and relevant thoughts on government's economic monitoring functions, with reference to and absorption of reasonable elements of western price management theories, by using integral and systematic, general to concrete, historic and logical, normative and positive analysis methods, The writer, from micro-regulation and macro-monitoring angles, systematically studies the price management problems in China under the situation of a open market economy. Through in-depth learning of price management theories and on the basis of comprehensive understanding of China's pricing and price management reform process, the writer tries to restructure basic framework of a new-type price management system in harmony with WTO requirements, elaborates on the objectives, contents and basic means of government price management under market economy conditions, and provides general theoretical guidelines to price management on public and agricultural products, market price supervision and macro-monitoring on general price level.
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