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Unipolar Hegemony--The Three Exaltations Of American National Policy In The 20~(th) Century

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In the international society, a dynamic system, all the members and the expansion andtransformation of their relative position remain normal. As the single superpower at the end ofthe 20th century, the United States constantly adjusted its strength location and potency relationwith the other countries (especially the key countries) in its hot pursuit of unipolar hegemony.Its adjustment and operation of the national policy served as the foundation for it to win theunipolar hegemony. Hereby, to trace the American route of ascending unipolar hegemony andto review the national policy of the United States of the 20th century bears significant academicvalue and benefits China and the other developing countries in their surpassing development. In view of the nucleus role taken by Present in the national political life of the UnitedStates, in the light of international strategic theory and principle of briefing complex issues,with the America's pace to the unipolar hegemony, this paper selects three Presents, Roosevelt,Reagan, and Clinton, and combs the America's integrated 20th-centuty national policy with theinternal and external masterstrokes of the three figures and the national policies under theircontrol. The author researches into the America's Arcanum of winning unipolar hegemony, andsets fourth her personal viewpoints on the groundwork and operation system of Americansupremacy and its revelation to the developing countries. Chapter One 5'2'1: The historical Evolution of Unilpolar hegemony The enactment of world leadership in the American political culture and the Americannation's hardheaded practical tradition evidently advances the country in its purist of worldhegemony. In the 20th century, the America's acquisition of world hegemony also resulted fromthe gradual exaltation of its power and international status. In America's whole process ofleaping to unipolar hegemony, and in the light of the alteration of the American strength andpower status in the international dynamic social system, the whole globe witnessed threeevident exaltations of the American supreme status in the 20th century: imposing the chance ofthe World War Two, and on the basis of the America's furbishing economic due to the NewDeal, President Roosevelt expanded the hegemony of the country from the western hemisphereto the whole world; on the accumulative effect of the containment to the Soviet Union ofall theprevious presidents after WWII, with power as the groundwork, and benefited from the internalinterstice of the Soviet Union, President Reagan sped up the disjointing process of the SovietUnion and liquidated the greatest hindrance of its world domination; with the national policy ofinsuring strength and geo-strategic advantage, President Clinton advanced the country from thequestionable unipolar moment after the cold war into the "unipolar times". Undergoing thetransformations from regional supremacy to global hegemony, from one the twain powers tothe single superpower, the United States ascended to the unipolar world hegemony at the end ofthe 21st century. Chapter Two Internal Strength Accumulation:The Fundamental Starting Point of 71American National Policy Hegemony is the inherent integration of national strength and international power,between which, strength serves as the crucial starting point of a country on its route toward aninternational power and the sticking point of the whole course. As the Presidents expediting thethree key exaltations of America's state potential and international status, Roosevelt, Reagan,and Clinton generally oriented the rectification and modification of the domestic policy as thestarting point in its pursuit of the world hegemony. Economy is the nucleus of supreme strength.Roosevelt's New Deal expired the gliding of the America's strength under the impulsion of theeconomic crisis between 1929 to 1933, and secured the swinging...
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