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Research On The Economic Characteristics Of Multi-purpose Water Conservancy Project And The Mechanism Of Its Investment Management

Posted on:2005-12-07Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
Country:ChinaCandidate:W D ZhuFull Text:PDF
GTID:1116360122975153Subject:Technical Economics and Management
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Based on overall investigation on the situation of water resources, the status quo of development of water conservancy and the problems in investment management for multi-purpose water conservancy project (abbreviated to MWCP in the following) in our country, from the viewpoint of economics, the thesis analyses the characteristics of those aspects of water resources under market economy condition such as property rights, supply and consumption, and so on. Through analyzing the economic characteristics of MWCP, the thesis offers methods of its cost-benefit analysis and assets classification, which are basis of solving problems such as the scope of rights and duties of governmental investment and the extent of introducing nongovernmental capital to MWCP etc. Directed by economics theory, the thesis does not analyze the mechanism of governmental investment to public facilities, the choice of investment subject and the trend of nongovernmental-operated public facilities; it also compares and analyses their investment institution with that of other infrastructures; and it studies the mechanism of public investment and finance and public benefit compensation in large water conservancy project overseas. Based on these, the thesis summarizes the experiences of their institutions of investment management and their enlightenment for reforming institution of investment management in MWCP in our country. Aimed at institutional drawbacks of investment management in MWCP in our country currently, as to aspects such as mode of investment management, way of investment and finance and operational mechanism etc., this thesis puts forward a thinking way and frame for making institutional innovation. Centered on introducing competition and nongovernmental capital to MWCP, the thesis raises bidding mechanism of the choice of investment subject, operational management subject for MWCP and offers participation institution as the occasion demands for governmental and nongovernmental capital and mode of diversity investment and finance including nongovernmental capital participation to MWCP. Moreover, it offers operational institution for mechanism of public benefit compensation, sharing management benefit and water pricing of MWCP when it is invested and operated.In addition, by choosing the typical example of MWCP - Xiaolangdi Water Conservancy Project, the thesis carries out calculation and analysis on its cost-benefit features and its allotment of public and profit-making assets. With regard to its problems in investment and management, the thesis makes workable and directive suggestions on institution reform and innovation for them.
Keywords/Search Tags:multi-purpose water conservancy project (MWCP), institution, operational mechanism, nongovernmental capital, investment and finance, investment management
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