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Research On Construction Management System For Public Welfare Water Conservancy Project

Posted on:2002-03-18Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Y ZhanFull Text:PDF
GTID:2156360032457153Subject:Management Science and Engineering
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With the establishment and gradual perfection of China's socialist market oriented economy system and establishment of modern enterprise system, it is imperative to efficiently solve the series of problems such as unclear investment entity for construction projects uncertainty of management responsibility, disorder of management system and backward management means and to reform the unsuitable management system and model regarding engineering construction field and market economy system. The focus issue for current reform and research is to promote sustainable utilization of water resources and sustainability of social economy by means of reforming water resources project construction management system. Construction management system is the material carrier and guarantee for smooth execution of construction management process, it is also a frame pillar to support construction management system.. Construction management system is a comprehensive concept; it primarily includes construction management organization and its functional system, leading system and management system at different levels of project legal representative. This thesis puts stress on research regarding management system at different levels of the government and project legal representat ives.This thesis targets the systems occurred and existed in economy system at transit of the current water resources sector, to analysis current construction management situations of water resources project in China and construction management system both in China and abroad. Aimed at existing problems, the thesis try to study the construction management system suitable for public welfare water resources projects of socialist market economy in consideration of modern management theory and administration as well as public management theory, and also studied in detail to the problems concerning legal representatives in the project of Integrated Development Project for Agriculture Irrigation and Resettlement in Hexi Corridor Gansu Province. On the basis of above mentioned studies, to propose the way of improving the management system for public welfare water resources projects, which includes government function transfer for water resources construction market with "unified open, fair and competition order", completion of various regulations and rules, furthermore it clarifies the responsible subject of public welfare water resources project construction to regulate and standardize market behavior etc. Raise the reform orientation on management system for public welfare water resources projects in China.
Keywords/Search Tags:pub1ic welfare water conservancy project, construction management, system, project legal person
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