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Decision-making Behavior Of Farmers In The Agricultural Structure Adjustment

Posted on:2005-03-10Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
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GTID:1116360122987362Subject:Agricultural Economics and Management
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With putting forward of micro basic question of western economics, more and more development economists turn the focal point studied to the micro main body behavior of developing countries. The study on peasant household's behavior has already become the focus that countries all over the world study gradually. Various kinds of models, theories about peasant household's behavior are being perfected constantly. But in China, use various kinds of models and metric analytical methods to study on peasant household's decision behavior are also lags behind relatively. A lot of analytical methods and analysis model are not very ripe either. Peasant households are the subject unit of the agricultural production and management in China. Peasant household's decision behavior is a micro foundation of bringing out the agricultural structural adjustment. Investigating the influence factor of peasant household's decision behavior, analyzing the impact on agricultural structural adjustment of peasant household's decision behavior is the main direction of studying peasant household's behavior in our country in the future. And also it is the key question of studying agricultural structural adjustment. The goal that this thesis' studies is to analysis the main characteristic and influence factor of the peasant household's decision behavior, and its impact on agricultural structural adjustment.This thesis is based on on-site inspection and questionnaire survey, combined the national agricultural census materials, used peasant household's behavior model and relevant theory, adopted the metric economic analytical methods and empirical analytical methods, have carried on more overall analysis and studied to the questions, such as peasant household's decision behavior characteristic and influence factor in the agricultural structural adjustment in Zhejiang and Jiangsu. The main achievement and content of thesis include five following parts and amount to eight chapters.First part including chapter 1 and chapter 2 is the introduction and research survey part. In this part, the thesis has explained the research background, basic guidelines and basic train of thought, frame of the method and research of the meaning, and also some of innovation and weak that perhaps have in this studies has pointed out. The thesis has done the simple and brief introduction to the main content of studying. And also the thesis has provided the technological route of the empirical analytical method and technological route of the metric analytical method, which used in this thesis. The thesis have reviewed contemporary behavior economics theory in the West latest in detail, summarized domestic and international scholar's main school, researched current situation and basic train of thought of relevant research about the fact that peasant household's behavior study systematically. Meanwhile, the thesis have pointed out the achievement of existing documents and awaited the problem that is solved further and looked forward to the development trend in the future and used the prospect.Second part including chapter 3 and the chapter 4 is the part that analyzed some in peasant household's behavior model and theory. Have recommended and analyzed that studies the normal micro-economic analysis model of peasant household's behavior and research approach at present. Proceed from development of peasant household's micro-economic analysis model, summarized, summed up and settled the peasant households' utility models, utility behavior models, production behavior models, etc. Adopted systematical effective analytical method to research peasant household production, consumption, utility, etc. stage construction, many angle, have explored out the function mechanism of the structural adjustment decision behavior of peasant households further. Then the thesis has set up theory model and measured the concrete " bridge " where the economic model communicated with each other. Proceeding from visual angle of political economy at the same time, this thesis has carried o...
Keywords/Search Tags:Peasant Household, the Decision Behavior, Agricultural Structural Adjustment, Empirical Analysis, Influence Factor
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