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Quality Management Of Agricultural Product And Standardization

Posted on:2005-09-13Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
Country:ChinaCandidate:J G ZhangFull Text:PDF
GTID:1116360125460456Subject:Agricultural Economics and Management
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Nowadays, the development of agriculture in China has entered a new epoch. After thereformation and development more than 20 years, the supply of agricultural product has beenmore abundant than ever and there is surplus in certain years, but there was a long-termshortage in the past. Not only the resource but also the market has become the majorlimitation of agricultural development. The quality of agricultural product has become thebarrier of the further development of the agriculture. Improving agricultural product qualityand safe level has realistically important significance for pushing agricultural development,constructing well-off society and promoting international trade of agricultural product. Improving agricultural product quality is a complicated system project, it needs thecooperation of many subjects. Not only is advanced technology needed to choose good seeds,to fertilize rightly, to handle and store agricultural product, but also the scientific managementis needed. How to design the highly effective industrial institution to promote agriculturaldevelopment and improve the quality of agricultural product is the main content of thisdissertation. At present, most studies of quality management of the agricultural product are done froma perspective of management subject. It is only a beginning for researchers to do this fromeconomics angle. This paper analyzes the problems in quality management of agriculturalproduct and brings about some economics laws from the angles of the information economics,institution economics, industry economics. The positive analysis method, normative analysismethod, contrastive analysis method, BS analysis method and other analysis methods are usedin this paper, using positive analysis method to analyze the present condition of agriculturalproduct quality in China and the present applied conditions in home and abroad, usingnormative analysis method to put forward the relevant institution frame based on the actualdevelopment state of agriculture, using contrastive analysis method to analyze the successfulexperience of developed country's quality management of agricultural product and agriculturestandardization and find the gap between our country and the developed. It belongs to BSanalysis when the small forum is held to collect different ideas which perfects the study . The following are the main points of the thesis. 4山东农业大学博士学位论文 1. Study on basic theory of quality management of agricultural product. In order tooffer the scientific and perfect system frame of improving agricultural product quality, it isnecessary to have a deep investigation on the basic characteristics of agricultural productquality and quality management. Now, some studies and practice arise from intuitionalcognition, and others give system frame according to general management subject. In fact, itshould be considered to provide system frame of quality management of agricultural productfrom economics and management subject. Based on TQM theory, this paper puts forwardAPTQM theory to realize the quality management of agricultural product combining with thecharacter of agriculture production and the requirement of quality management of agriculturalproduct. To perform quality management of agricultural product, APTQM should be executedfrom the beginning to the end of the production process, that is to say not only quality controlbut also the all-sided management should be paid much attention to. APTQM is the mostfundamental theory of quality management of agricultural product. In addition, this papergives the externality theory of quality management of agricultural product: qualitymanagement of agricultural product brings great sociable benefit, and this benefit has typicalcharacter of externalities. Government should play a primary role in the quality managementof agricultural product. Information asymmetry is universal in agricultural product ma...
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