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Studies On Theory & Practice Of Agricultural Standardization

Posted on:2005-05-07Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
Country:ChinaCandidate:H ShiFull Text:PDF
GTID:1116360125469075Subject:Agricultural Economics and Management
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The current economic development in China is deeply depending on the administrative control, which will seriously threaten the stability of Chinese market economy development. This kind of condition must be changed as soon as possible. It is necessary that establishes a kind of economic development model based on the market rule instead of administrative interference. Although in earlier developing stage, we must take advantage of government behavior to create investment, but in the perfecting process, we should change from the direct government investment to the economy development model based on the rule(standardization) management. This will contribute to the safety of the Chinese economy development, and make Chinese economy more flexible to economic crisis.From the perspective of developing the agriculture productivity through science and education, this research analyses that, the agriculture standardization can control or reduce the costs of production, enhance the degree of agricultural market development and competitiveness. Agriculture standardization has already aroused the attention of the senior Chinese administrators. On 8 Feb, 2004, the central committee of China emphasizes that the work of agriculture standardization should be reinforced, the construction of agriculture standardization demonstration plot should be carried out deeply, according to the requirement of high production, superb quality, high efficiency, ecology and safety, and the formation of preponderant industry zone.The thesis consists of 9 chapters. Which expatiate on the following aspects respectively: The first, through the research of the theories formation of agricultural standardization and operation's principle and the mechanism of running, it suggests that the theories of agricultural standardization management have lagged behind the practice obviously. The thesis proved that agricultural standardization management is one of the most important means to organize the modern agricultural production, also it is the requirement of agricultural industrialization. Now, to our country, it is urgent to innovate management system, to improve running mechanism and to quicken the course of our country's agricultural standardization. The second, I analysis the Chinese state of agricultural standardization, and anatomy the model cases, meanwhile investigate the station of wheat standardization in Henan province. All these come to a conclusion that the people call for safe agricultural production, which induct and inspirit the producer to adopt modern agricultural standard in the fields of production, processing, transportation,and marketing. As a result, it promote the level of organization and market-oriented degree. Agricultural standardization is indispensable to the process of agricultural modernization in China.The third, this research put forward to the question of evaluating agricultural standardization, and which is studied with mathematics model and cases.The fourth, based on the experiences of the main developed countries and the five revelations, this research analyzed the deference between china and the developed countries, and put forward the principle ideas and measures to improve the agricultural standardization in china, whose main aims are to boost the agricultural standards, adapt the international standard ratio and promote the standard transition ratio of new agricultural technological results.There are two creative points in this research:Firstly, this research put forward for the very first time the new frame of the agriculture standardization supporting system. Which consist of seven sub-systems, including the standard system, demonstration and implementation system, supervisory system, attestation system, technology and information consulting service system, funds devotion system, research and training system, guarantee measures must be matched in order to promote the agriculture standardization, which primarily contain publicity measures, brand development measures, the innovation in agricultural scien...
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