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A Research Of Agriculture Standardization And Its Evaluation System

Posted on:2005-06-09Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Through reform and opening up to the outside world and economic construction for more than 20 years, The historical enormous change has taken place in agriculture of our country and rural economy ,and our country and rural economy have entered one new developing stage. Join WTO, has increased new content and challenge for this new stage again.The competition of the market for farm products is the competition of the quality of the agricultural product in fact, and Product quality is determined by the standard of the products. In a sense, without standard, there will be no quality, and no quality, there will be no markets. To improve the standardized development level of agriculture has already become the important measure of improving the competitiveness of a national product market. So implement agricultural standardization, thus improve the international competitiveness of the agricultural products of our country, have already become the task of top priority of agricultural development of our country.By studying basic theory to agriculture standardization, the first part of this paper has summed up the standardized characteristic of agriculture, and summarizes relations of agricultural standardizations in our country with agricultural economic developments, and gives subject matter that have in our country agricultural standardizations work, and has proposed developing the assurance measure of the agricultural standardization work. In the second part of the paper ,through analyzing, I have chosen a set of appraising index to agricultural standardization, and define scientifically intension of the indexes. I carry on the method to appraise agricultural standardization by using index systems.
Keywords/Search Tags:the standard, agricultural standardization, agricultural products competitiveness, evaluation index System, comprehensive evaluation method
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