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Study On The Standardization Of Auxiliary Police Force Management

Posted on:2019-12-19Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2416330572463099Subject:Public management
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Auxiliary police refer to the group who wear uniforms and follow the direct command and jurisdiction of all-level public security organs.They aim to assist the public security organs and people's police to carry out relevant police activities,which is an important part in the current Chinese social security system,as well as an indispensable power to maintain the stability of public security.Public security organs are recruiting a large number of auxiliary police nationwide to alleviate the conflict between the increasing security pressure and the serious shortage of police.Auxiliary police have made a prominent contribution to the community through assisting in-service and regular police in maintaining the social stability,patrolling and control,serving people and other work.However,the management of public security organs to the auxiliary police has been limited to the traditional personnel management model for a long time,lacking legal support and system construction.A number of bottlenecks have arisen in fund guarantee,use management,efficiency development and other aspects,which seriously restrict the professional,standardized and scientific development of auxiliary police,causing auxiliary police a loss of enthusiasm in daily work,uncivilized law enforcement,violating the interests of citizens,irregularities and so on.In response to these challenges,this article attempts to strengthen the standardized management of auxiliary police via introducing human resource management and new public management theories and studies to strengthen the standardized management of auxiliary police in order to solve the problems mentioned above.In addition,this article also refers to domestic and foreign mature experience in auxiliary police management and proposes four improvements.First,the recruitment,use,management and other issues of the auxiliary police should be solved,and the category of the auxiliary police should be refined according to job needs.Second,social resources should be fully mobilized,and the public should be motivated to actively participate in the public security management,and part-time auxiliary police should also be encouraged.Third,following the Western countries,sound laws and regulations of auxiliary police should be established to define the legal status of auxiliary police so that they have laws to abide by in the work.Fourth,the innovation model of auxiliary police human resources management should be designed,and a set of mechanisms for auxiliary police promotion management,police rank management,retirement management should be established as well.To sum up,based on the status quo of auxiliary police management by the K public security organs,this article quotes human resources management and new public management theories.It also studies the advanced domestic and foreign experience to guide auxiliary police management for public security organs,promotes the reform and development of the auxiliary police team so as to make them adapt to the needs of deepening the reform of public security,gives full play to the important role of auxiliary police in the social comprehensive management,and lays a solid foundation for the standardized management of auxiliary police.
Keywords/Search Tags:Auxiliary police, Human resource management, New public management theories, Standardized management
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