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Research On The Land Sustainable Utilization Of Oasis In Xinjiang

Posted on:2005-07-05Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
Country:ChinaCandidate:X P LiuFull Text:PDF
GTID:1116360125469101Subject:Agricultural Economics and Management
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The paper bases on the land use planning, eco-economics, resource economics and region economics and other theories, adopts a new model on the research of the old sustainable oasis resource use problems according to the ideas of the sustainable resource use and objective rule. It focuses on the topic of the oasis land resource use, and grasps many key problems, such as oasis land resource, water resource, oasis land ecology, oasis agriculture, development, the sustainable resource use and so on. In this paper, the land resource, land ecology and how to realize the sustainable land use of oasis in Xinjiang make up of the hard-core, the dynamic mechanism and correlation among oasis land resource, water resource, ecology environment and oasis agriculture are analyzed, successful experiences of resource utilization and ecology environment construction in typical areas are also concluded in this paper. The paper connects the practice in domestic and overseas searches for the way of system innovation to improve the sustainable resource use and development in Xinjiang economy, and puts forward the theory base for the rational decision-making in western exploitation. So, it adopts investigation and metrological, economic analysis, mathematical for the sustainable resource use and canonical study way to researches on Xinjiang oasis land resource sustainable use. The structure of this paper includes three sections and ten chapters. The first section is pandect, being made up of the first and the second and the third chapter. The first chapter is introduction, which comments on the theme meaning and domestic and overseas work in this field; the second chapter is the oasis land resource in Xinjiang, based on the concept and ecology characteristics of the oasis, it analyzes the oasis land exploitation process and effect of the oasis land use on ecology environment to get the actuality and the problems of the oasis land resource use; the third chapter puts forward the theory of the oasis appropriate land use and the restriction mechanism of oasis land resource sustainable use, it is the theory basic of this paper. The second section includes the fourth and the fifth and the sixth chapter, which is resource condition analysis. It analyzes the character of the water, ecology environment and oasis agriculture, and the relationship among them due to the scarcity of the oasis water resource, it puts forward the water-saving and high efficient oasis economy; due to the frangibility of the oasis ecology, it puts forward to build the guideline for human and nature develop harmony. It also studies on how to domanagement about the oasis sustainable land use in various aspects; connecting overseas experience in the oasis agriculture development, it analyzes the mechanism of oasis agriculture sustainable development and puts forward the mode and countermeasures of the oasis agriculture development in Xinjiang. The third section includes the seventh and the eighth and the ninth and the tenth chapter, which is the sustainable development supporting system; the seventh chapter puts forward the idea of the water price innovation and the theory of how to make water price reasonable, which grounds for water resource market development; using the practice experience in overseas land development right trade for the reference, the eighth chapter suggests that the land development right and ecological environment protection duty should be connected to build up the land exploiture compensatory mechanism to practice land use control mechanism; the ninth chapter advises that the current agriculture environment policy should adopt the principle of the polluter and society paying the piper of environment management, inhibiting extensive management, improving the invigorative mechanism of ecology environment policy; based on the above-mentioned study production, the tenth chapter discusses the guarantee system of the oasis land sustainable use on the aspects of law, policy, economy, technology, and society.There are following innovations in this...
Keywords/Search Tags:land resource, sustainable utilization, land ecology issue, oasis, Xinjiang
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