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Research On Rational Utilization Of Land Resource In Projects

Posted on:2006-11-11Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:S ZhengFull Text:PDF
GTID:2166360155453463Subject:Environmental Science
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Environmental impact assessment (abbreviated as EIA) isproposed at academic meeting of an international environmentalquality assessment held in Canada. After nearly 40 years, EIA is beingperfected constantly in such aspects as concept, methodology, indexsystem and system.Through analyzing questions on utilization of land resources ofthe construction project in China and summarizing the currentsituation of utilization assessment of land resources in constructionproject EIA that (especially the construction project of the industrialproject), the following conclusion are gotten: There are more questionsin the utilization of land resources in construction project, among thema part influences the economic development of our country and are themain reason of ecological environmental protection at the presentstage; In the current EIA, the utilization assessment of land resourcesis not a system, the gaps, omissions and deficiency exist; Because theconstruction project is relatively small in floor space, appraise the unitusually the intensive degree to utilization of land resources is oftenneglected. The result neglected for a long time has caused the poorefficiency of utilization of land resources in construction project of theindustrial project, so, it is necessary to go on and can avoid or lightenthe question of the poor efficiency of utilization of land resources toappraise to the utilization of resources of land at EIA stage.Draw lessons from theory of sustainable land in " sustainable landmanagement appraise outline " in Nairobi, pay attention to keepingand improving the productivity (productive) when being utilized inland sustainable development; Reduce the production risk (security);The ones that protect the potentiality of the natural resources andprevent soil and water quality degradation (keeping); Economicallyfeasible (feasibility) and the society can accept (accepting), fiveabove-mentioned respects is the standard used in utilizationassessment of land resources in construction project.According to the actual conditions of the construction project ofthe industrial project and considering the main economic indicator ofconstruction project, the annual profit on sales has reflected the degreeto utilization of land resources of construction project to a certainextent, the intensive degree of fund (gross investment / floor space)and the annual profit on sales are chosen to appraise the utilization ofland resources. In order to examine the enforceability of the above twoindexes, the investigation to 119 copies of environmental impact reportof some construction projects of one province are carried on. In theconstruction project investigated, the intensive degree of constructionproject fund of the industrial project is generally relatively low.Because the intensive degree of construction project fund of theindustrial project has reflected the intensive degree of technology to agreat extent, so most technological content of construction project ofindustrial project investigated are not high. Utilize annual profit onsales and intensive degree of fund of 16 industrial projects amongthem to carry on dependence analysis, divide the construction projectof above-mentioned industrial projects into four kinds, in 16 projectsinvestigated, type one takes the majority, the efficiency of utilizationof land resources in project is low, the economic benefits are low too;Type two, three and four are less in proportion, the type two project iswith low technical content, but the annual income from sales isrelatively high, it may be workforce's intensive industry. Though the...
Keywords/Search Tags:EIA, construction projects, land utilization, assessment of land utilization, extent of the intensive fund utilization
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