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Studies On The Realization Of Member Rights Of CPC And The Building Of Inner-Party Democracy

Posted on:2005-10-28Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
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GTID:1116360152468250Subject:Marxist theory and ideological and political education
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On the basis of both Marxist theories of rights and proletarian party building and the history and reality of the practice of inner-Party democracy of the Communist Party of China (CPC), under the guidance of Marxist philosophical methodology, and with the methods of historical analysis, institutional analysis and the analysis of economic base, this paper discusses the realization of member rights of CPC and the building of inner-Party democracy which is closely related. In this paper, the author holds that inner-Party democracy and member rights of CPC are two categories of great identity. It is not only the main objective of inner-Party democracy to realize member rights of CPC but also the prerequisite for its implementation and realization. So, inner-Party democracy development must be based on the guarantee of member rights and aimed at its implementation. Secondly, the development and realization of member rights has undergone twists and turns in the progress in the history of CPC. The very important lesson drawn from the history of inner-Party democracy building of CPC suggests that member rights must be clarified to develop inner-Party democracy, which should be established on the full enjoyment of democratic rights by Party members through strengthening the construction of rules and regulations. Thirdly, progress has been achieved in the construction of rules of inner-party democracy since after the Third Plenary Session of the Eleven Central Committee of the CPC. However, Party members have not had reliable means and necessary safeguards to enjoy their rights due to the lack of universal favorable environment for the enjoyment of rights, the lack of sound rules of democracy inside the Party, especially the lack of effective functioning mechanism, and their unawareness of rights, democracy and responsibility. Thus, though a variety of rights have been written in the Party Constitution and other relevant party laws for party members, the rights have not been fully realized, which has radically affected the further development of inner-Party democracy. It turns out to be an urgent issue as to how to promote the realization of member rights for current inner-Party democracy building. Finally, we can begin with the following aspects to promote the realization of member rights and strengthen inner-Party democracy building: 1) facilitating Party members to enjoy their rights with regular means and powerful safeguard through establishing and amplifying rules of inner-Party democracy on the basis of guaranteeing member rights and strengthening organizational, material and disciplinary guarantee of member rights; 2) creating favorable environment for Party members to enjoy their rights through combating bureaucratism and patriarchal behaviour, launching active ideological struggle and properly handling dissidents inside the Party; and 3) creating awareness of member rights through further developing the socialist market economy and democracy and legal system, reforming backward culture and developing advanced culture, and reinforcing democratic education of Party members and leaders.
Keywords/Search Tags:member rights of CPC, inner-Party democracy, realization of Party members' rights, democratic centralism
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