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A Research On The Question In Developing Democracy Within The Party And Guaranteeing The Members' Democratic Rights

Posted on:2006-11-01Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2166360182998501Subject:Marxist theory and ideological and political education
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Develop the democracy inside the party, slice the solid guarantee party member democracy right, is with maximum limit exertive aggressive, active of the whole party and create sex, make the prosperous and flourishing and important assurance of the business of the party. Party of 16 big the life that the democracy inside the party sees as the party. This not only is a history experience that tallies up the party to get the science conclusion of, also by a kind of vivid image, elaborated the development democracy's existence toward party inside the party and develop, keep the source of vitality of the party and the great significance of the vitalities. Today, open along with the reform continuously thorough, the thought of the party member more active, the democracy inside the party realize further strengthen, party member to the concern degree of the business inside the party and participate request also more and more urgent. Under the condition of this kind of is new, how develop the democracy inside the party betterly, slice the real implementation of the solid guarantee party member democracy right, have already become have the important theories meaning and practice the important ages topic of the meaning to put at whole party of in front.This text research with Deng Xiaoping's theories and" three representatives"s the importance thought for leading, insist the principle that history and logics mutually unify, make use of the theories contact actual method, from investigate the research to commence, analyze the static state to analyze with dynamic state, lengthways and more analytical and horizontal comparison analysis, inherit with creative organically the knot put together, with the study and answers under the condition of setting up the socialism diapason society and overallly constuct the middle-class family society and socialisms modernizing to constuct, the important topic for oneself that strengthens ruling ability the construction urgently of advanced sex of the party construction and party to treat to resolve allow, taking the great fulfillment that the reform open and develop the socialism market economy as the root according to, set out physically from the our country, aim at the relevant problem of develop the democracy inside the party and the guarantee party member democracy right, carry on the more thorough theories to elaborate and practice the analysis, investigate the establishment sound strengthen the democratic instutition inside the party to constuct, slice the new way of thinking of the solid guarantee party member democracy right, make party inside the structure and functions of the democracy are more science, reasonable; Make democracy inside the party of system more norm, valid, thus and further expand the new situation that the democracy constuct inside the party.
Keywords/Search Tags:Democracy inside the party, Party member democracy right, The system construction
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