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On The Development Of Inner-party Democracy In The Protection Of The Rights Of Party Members

Posted on:2012-09-26Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2216330368989899Subject:Chinese Communist Party
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Chinese Communist Party's leadership and rule is the socialist democratic politics with Chinese characteristics, the fundamental characteristics and important content. To consolidate the party's ruling position, improving the party's leadership and governance capability, an important way is to protect the fundamental democratic rights of party members, and vigorously strengthen the building of inner-party democracy. Only by strengthening inner-Party democracy to strengthen the party's cohesion, creativity, and combat effectiveness. Democratic Party Communist Party of China originated from the operating mechanism of revolutionary war, formed in the old planned economic system, for the mobilization of party enthusiasm, winning victory in the revolutionary war and socialist revolution and socialist construction, played an important role in the victory. But with the development of the socialist market economy, compared to the new economic structure, and building socialist political civilization, the history of the new requirements compared to inner-party democracy in theory, concept, system, there are also some institutional deeper solved problems. Awareness of democratic rights such as the weakening of party members, party democratic system lags behind, and in the actual exercise of democratic rights of Party members in the barriers. These issues are not well, is not conducive to the development of socialist democracy and building socialist political civilization, even in practice hinder the healthy and orderly development of democracy within the party and hinder economic and social development. Meanwhile, with the development of economic globalization, the world increasingly frequent exchanges between political parties, national political parties to strengthen self-construction experience, will certainly have an impact on our party. Therefore, in the new era of building a socialist harmonious society under the premise of democracy within the CPC summed up the experience of the development, protect the rights of party members learn from political parties, the development of the successful experience of inner-party democracy, democratic rights of all party members to improve awareness of and promote the party the institutionalization of democracy, systematic, and fully play the role of Congress, to further improve inner-party democracy within the party electoral system and supervision mechanism, comprehensively promote the party building a great project of the inevitable requirement for building socialism with Chinese characteristics how doctrine democracy inevitable choice.
Keywords/Search Tags:inner-Party democracy, democratic politics, Rights of party members, Awareness of rights
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