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Study Of Chinese Communist Party Democratic Rights

Posted on:2010-02-28Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2206360302989800Subject:Chinese Communist Party
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The democracy within the party is party's life. The democracy within the party is take safeguards democratic rights of the party member as a foundation, safeguarding the democratic rights of party member is also take development about the democracy within the party as the premise. Looks over the development of the democracy within the party, our party is one takes important of the democracy within the party, and it has made the unremitting effort for this reason, but democracy within the party's development condition is not the very completely people's desires. Thus, it can be seen that the democracy within the party whether realizes or not does not rely on the political party's subjective desire, it has certain intrinsic regularity in the technical stratification plane. This article obtains from the democratic rights of the party member, use the contrastive analysis, generalized analysis method and so on to deeply discuss the questions about party member's democratic rights. I make every effort to this question to have much more profound understanding in the foundation which the predecessor studies.The full text divides four parts. And the first part is the introduction part, the second and third part are the discussion parts, and the fourth part is the conclusion. The first part is the elementary theory of party member's democratic rights; The second part is present situation analysis about the democratic rights of party member.; The third part is about the reason analysis of the problems about that the party member exercises the democratic rights; The fourth part is the countermeasure which can realize the party member's democratic rights, and to solve these problems countermeasures up from consciousness, the system and the environment.
Keywords/Search Tags:Communist Party of China, Democratic rights of Party member, The democracy within the party, Understanding, System, Environment
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