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Research On The Protection Of Party Members Democratic Rights

Posted on:2013-02-19Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2246330395979832Subject:Chinese Communist Party
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Communist Party of China was founded on the base of the principles of Marxism. Since the day when Communist Party of China was founded, she set up to pursue democracy, which also produced the democratic rights of party members. We know that the party member is an integral part of the body. The dominant position of the party members is fulfilled by fully exercising their democratic rights, and is protected by the corresponding norms.Respecting the principal position of party members, guaranteeing their democratic rights is the premise for the development of inner-party democracy. Without the protection of their democratic rights, inner-party democracy can not be realized.Throughout the course of the development of inner-party democracy, Communist Party of China is the party that attaches great importance to inner-party democracy. With the deepening of reform and opening,the idea of party members is more active,the awareness of inner-party is more stronger,the concern and participation requirements of the party members are more and more urgent.In this case,how to develop inner-party democracy and how to protect democratic rights of party members have become a major topic in front of the whole party.The research of the party member’s democratic rights has strategic importance for maintaining advance of the party,strengthening the paty’s ability,promoting inner-party democracy and people’s democracy.This paper is dicided into three parts,its logic as following shows:The foreword of the paper describes its research backgroud,basic concept,major methods of the research and mian reasons why we choose it as the research object.The first part elaborates the content and extension of guarantying party member’s democratic rights.This part explores the theoretic and pratice about party member’s democratic rights by Marxism-Leninism and Chinese Communist Party’s.The second part presents the achievement and progress of the party member’s democratic rights in the realization after the Third Plenary Session.It sums up the results,and then points out the exitent problems.It also thoroughly analyzes the reasons for these problems.The third part puts forward the coutermeasures and ways to protect the party member’s democratic rights.It refers that we need to cultivate consciousness of democratic rights,to explore working mechanism of guarantying party member’s democratic rights.
Keywords/Search Tags:Party member’s democratic rights, Inner-party democracy, Realization, Protection
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