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On The Urban And Rural

Posted on:2006-04-14Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
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It is composed of two parts, which can be divided to eight chapters: thefirst part contains the first three chapters which is literature and basictheory, the second part contains the last five chapters which discuss thebasic problem and approach addressing the balance urban and ruraldevelopment. Part oneChapter one is introduction. Section one mainly explains the researchbackground ﹑method﹑train of thought﹑deficiency and innovation.Section two is literature. In this section, we systematically researchliterature from several aspects: the necessity of disparity between townand country ﹑the reasons of disparity between town and country. Insection three puts forward to the history and reality of disparity betweentown and country. Section four analyzes the necessity and significance ofbalance rural and urban development. In the process of economicdevelopment of every country, the balance rural and urban development isthe necessary course which every country have to go through. This isdetermined by the trend in which town and country come throughintegration to separation, and go through separation to amalgamation.Chapter two, the foreign practice and theoretical background of planningurban and rural development as a whole. Section one mainly narrates thecharacteristics of the evolvement of urban and rural relationship in thewestern countries. Section two analyzes the practice of ruralindustrialization and urbanization in the developing countries. Sectionthree explains the theories of balance urban and rural development in thewestern countries.Chapter three, the theoretical basement and research method.Section oneexplains the tradition and evolvement of dual economic structure. Sectiontwo explains lewis'theory of dual economy. Section three shows themodel of dual economy transformed to unified economy. Section fourilluminates urban and rural relation under dual economy. Section fiveshows the target,method and basic frame of this paper . Part twoChapter four, the reason of division of towns and countries. Because ofsystem and policy, our country's dual structure is different from otherdeveloping countries'. our country's dual structure is distinct, and itmakes disadvantage to social development. Since reform and openness,our country's dual structure has big change.Chapter five, Scientific meaning of balance urban and rural development.Section one shows the important status of thought of balance urban andrural development in the viewpoint of scientific development. Sectiontwo illuminates Scientific meaning of balance urban and ruraldevelopment. Section three, now, china have entered into the key time ofbalance urban and rural development. The balance urban and ruraldevelopment is a completely new thought.Chapter six, The analysis of motivity and resistance of balance urban andrural development. Section one explains that the establishment of marketeconomy settles a good basement for balance urban and ruraldevelopment. Section two illuminates several key problems of restrictingurban and rural balanced development.Chapter seven, Several predetermined conditions of urban and ruralbalanced development. Section one shows that good agriculturalinfrastructure is footstone for healthily lasting development of country'seconomy. Section two explains that the increase of dynamics ofagricultural investment is momentum of facilitating the development ofour country's agriculture. Section three illuminates the supply of publicagricultural goods from several channels. Section four explains factorliquidity between towns and countries. Section five shows theestablishment of social securities equal between towns and countries.Chapter eight, Advice of advance urban and rural development. Theinbalance between urban and rural development is hotspot academy paysattention at all times. Right now, there are different viewpoints on thedeveloping road of urban and rural development. At the time ofcoordinating urban and rural development, we should think of severalfactors: ① the whole economic level of towns and countrie...
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