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Study Of Urban-rural Income Gap In China

Posted on:2006-03-19Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Y WangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2206360152490967Subject:Marxist theory and ideological and political education
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Since the policy of reformation and opening up was carried out, the income of urban and rural inhabitants' has been achieving a dramatic development , but disparity is widened gradually . The big income gap in urban and rural areas has already become an important factor of restricting economical operation of our country too big, and become the obstacle of structuring the harmonious society . As to China that modernization make the transition , enlargement of income gap in urban and rural areas can not be explained enough simply with economic growth , it is should the result of combined actions in economy developing course , such as the natural one , the society one , people , the system one , etc. all acting on together factor , summing up has three main factors:The urban-and-rural-areas-cut-apart-two-states structure in our country does not change at all, agriculture whole on the low side benefit and urbanization development lag behind. The income gap in urban and rural areas of our country is too big, mainly because peasants have too low income, so narrowing the income gap in urban and rural areas of our country crucially lies in raising peasant's income.To solve the problem of expanding income gap in urban and rural areas by increasing peasant's earnings , new ways and measures mustbe explored . With the market-orientation , promoting the adjustment of rural area economic construction and the management of agricultural industrialization and improving the whole agriculture efficiency are the main channels to increase the farmers' income , and to reduce the difference in income of urban and rural; The government bringing the " green case " policy into full play and devoting more efforts to support agriculture in policy plays an essential role ; the increasing of peasants' income and the solving to narrow this income gap depends finally on following programs , for example , canceling the restriction of system of population registration progressively , basing on the integration of urban and rural industry , and advancing the urbanization process and rural non-agricultural process as well, so as to find out a new-style growth way in which urbanization acts as the guide while economy in urban and rural areas can develop on an oral plan.This paper will use two indexes of urban dwellers' personal average disposable income and the rural dwellers' personal average net income to investigate the historical orbit of involving of the difference in urban and rural income , and attempt to bring the alteration tendency to light from the positive angle , to analyze in depth the economy and non-economy reason that causes this kind of disparity , and to propose the corresponding policy recommendations innarrowing this disparity in the end , and as been expected to contribute to study the sub subject being as a very important branch belonged to the central subject of common prosperity China are faced up with .
Keywords/Search Tags:the income gap in urban and rural areas, The urban-and-rural-areas-cut-apart-two-states structure, urbanization, the integration of urban and rural economy
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