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A Study On Project Management Model Of The Forestry Ecological Engineering In China

Posted on:2006-12-30Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
Country:ChinaCandidate:H DongFull Text:PDF
GTID:1116360152488377Subject:Forestry Economics and Management
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The study is carried out at the historical time when Chinese ecological development enters the critical stage at which forest resources construction and destruction run parallel and when government investment plays a leading role in forestry ecological development. By analyzing Chinese national conditions and learning from national and international researches as well as the over-20-year practices of Forestry Ecological Engineering, the study considers the Project of Forestry Ecological Engineering as the main research object and the formation of project management model as the research core. The study employs the means of integrating theories with practices, quantitative analysis with qualitative analysis, and comparative analysis with demonstrative analysis. Through a systematic and comprehensive study, the following basic conclusions are drawn.1. The theoretical foundation of the Project Management Model of Forestry Ecological Engineering is established. Forestry Ecological Engineering is an ecological rehabilitation project carried out on the material and environmental foundation of sustainable development, by the means of vegetation development and for protecting, improving and sustainably using natural resources and environment. The theoretical foundation of the Project Management includes theories of ecological economics, public finance, project management, participatory development etc. With the guidance of these theories, the study elaborates concepts and characteristics of the Project Management of Forestry Ecological Engineering (PMFEE) in China and enriches the theoretical concept of the PMFEE.2. By comparative study between the national and international PMFEE, the study finds out management problems and analyzes their main courses in the current Forestry Ecological Engineering, Finally it concludes that it is necessary for the government investment in PMFEE to employ market system and project management system.3. The study sets up the Project Management Model of Forestry Ecological Engineering.This model is finance by the government investment, centers on the project ownership, incorporates all together the multi-dimensional systems of project decision making, project implementing and project monitoring-evaluating and regards the target management, overall process management and the dynamic control management as the operational mechanism. Thus this model can be represented as "Three-system-three-management-one-ownership" model. Meanwhile, with the multi-angel, level-by-level systematic analysis, it investigates into the organization of the project participants at the central, provincial and county levels.4. The project implementation system is set up. The clients of the project in their micro management have to take the organization system as the core, the systems of plan management, procurement management, quantity management and fund management as the support, the systems of technique popularizing and training management, environmental protection management and information monitoring management as the guarantee, and project management information system as the means.5. The study puts forward policy and some suggestions to strengthen PMFEE in the future. These mainly include the aspects to further improve project client responsibility system, to thoroughly push on the supervisory system, to carry out the all-round bidding system, to establish mornitoring and evalutating system of project investment etc.
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