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Study On Innovation System Of Chinese Enterprises

Posted on:2005-04-04Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
Country:ChinaCandidate:Y F DuanFull Text:PDF
GTID:1116360152968596Subject:Management Science and Engineering
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The construction of large projects creates huge economic and social benefits andpromotes social development, but on the other hand it needs to expropriate much land andtriggers the difficult resettlement problems.Of the resettlement problems brought about byproject construction the reservoir resettlement is the most complicated. According to thepast experiences resettlers didn't receive enough compensation and bore the economic andsocial cost imposed by water conservancy and hydropower projects.Without necessary fundresettlers could not restore basic production and living conditions,which resulted in aserious decline of living standards and lasting poverty.There was a striking contrastbetween resettlers' impoverishment and huge benefits created by projects.With theestablishment of market economy system the economic relationship between governmentand resettlers needs to be redefined.The equality principle of market economy systemrequires that economic relationship among government,project developers and resettlers bedealt with properly,and compensation model and standard be consulted,and living standardof resettlers be improved as well as resettlers become the beneficiaries of projectconstruction.Compensation theory in China,however,is still based on the logic of theplanned economy.Compensation mechanism and standard can not ensure that resettlers canget adequate compensation and share project benefits.Hence it is imperative to studycompensation theory based on market economy to guarantee resettlers' basic rights andpromote social justice as well as realize rational development and utility of waterresources. This paper begins with analyzing the nature and characteristics of reservoirresettlement and explores the importance of the resettlement compensation in thereconstruction of new social and economic system as well as points out that during theprocess of involuntary resettlement cost-benefit theory still work and adequatecompensation plays an important role in converting involuntary resettlement intovoluntary resettlement.The author thinks that benefits created must be over costs incurredafter resettlement so that resettlers can be attracted to move to new places voluntarily.For IIIthis resettlers' real losses brought about by project construction should be evaluated fairly. On discussing the value of land the paper points out the shortcomings of traditionalland evaluation method and analyses the important social security value of land to resettlersas well as discusses the calculation of the value of social security of land. When tocompensate for resettlers'losses both tangible losses and intangible social losses should beput into consideration.Only can enough compensation fund be allocated the reconstructionand rehabilitation of new social and economic system for resettlers can be realized. Because water conservancy and hydropower projects have enormous externalities it isnecessary for government to take measures to internalize them.But the improper measurestaken by the government to internalize the externalities result in distorted distribution ofbenefits and costs between beneficiaries and losers in water conservancy and hydropowerprojects.The paper presents that under the condition of limited project budget thegovernment, which are both projects'onwers and the maker of resettlement policy ,takesfull advantage of the double position to lower compensation standards to minimize projectbudget.This brings about not enough resettlement compensation investment and resourceallocation can not meet the Pareto-optimality.Down reaches of rivers enjoy the benefits ofdevelopment while reservoir areas bear the losses. As an result the polarity is inevitablebetween reservoir areas and down reaches of rivers This paper thinks that it is not enough only to compensate for property losses ofresettlers,and resettlers should share the benefits of projects.In ord...
Keywords/Search Tags:Reservoir resettlement, Resettlement cost, Inundation loss, Compensation for resettlers, Compensation mechanism, Project benfit sharing
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