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Study On Resettlement Of Songhuaba Reservoir In Kunming City

Posted on:2019-02-05Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2356330542494070Subject:Public management
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Reservoir migration,also known as the reservoir area migration,water engineering migration,is due to the need of water conservancy projects or water conservation,under the leadership of the government,the migration to other areas of the masses.According to statistics,the world has built a good reservoir of 6 trillion cubic meters,and with the construction of the reservoir,the land has been flooded,resulting in tens of millions of people.In 2011,in order to solve the outstanding problems between protection and development,Kunming municipal party committee and municipal government conducted the relocation and relocation project of the first level core area of Songhuaba reservoir.From the Angle of public management,this paper studies the problems of the dam reservoir resettlement loose China,through the methods of case interview,statistics analysis,dam reservoir immigrants to loose China as the research object,to their case interview investigation,and deeply analyze the reservoir resettlement in the former existing problems and reasons,after fully based on the experience of the reservoir resettlement at home and abroad,to the next step for similar reservoir resettlement in China,policy making,and the follow-up support work reference to provide scientific theory support,at the same time for late-stage support work loose China dam reservoir resettlement area provide opinions and Suggestions,so as to promote social justice stability,building a harmonious social development.Firstly,this paper analyzes the background,significance and method of the topic,and studies the resettlement policy,system and laws and regulations of reservoir resettlement at home and abroad.Secondly,it defines the concept of resettlement of reservoir resettlement from the perspective of theory and studies relevant theories.Third,from the loose China dam reservoir resettlement scope and object,compensation fees and standards,and supporting policies of loose China dam reservoir resettlement situation,this paper discusses and explores some problems in the reservoir resettlement;Fourth,deeply analyze the deep causes of the problems,and systematically study and demonstrate the policies,regulations,management system,resettlement standards and immigration status of reservoir resettlement policies.Fifth,based on the experience of the reservoir resettlement at home and abroad,study and formulate suitable reservoir resettlement planning,perfect the regulations and policies of the reservoir,attaches great importance to the late-stage support work,enables immigrants to work actively cooperate with migration,well placed to adapt to the new life,realize the transformation of government functions and promote our country reservoir resettlement work to develop in the direction of standardization,institutionalization and sequencing.
Keywords/Search Tags:Reservoir Resettlement, Resettlement, Compensation mechanism, The functions of the government
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