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Study On The Change Of Land Use/Land Cover Of Bashang District

Posted on:2006-05-20Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
Country:ChinaCandidate:Z X LiFull Text:PDF
GTID:1116360155451257Subject:Quaternary geology
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Since 1990s, most countries started to study issues on land use and land cover in accordance with their development so as to know the current situations of land use. The research of land use/land cover has been a most important part in the global-change research, and its achievements have a good effect on the economic development and resource exploitation of each country. Bashing district in Hebei province has a characteristic geographic area condition around Beijing and Tianjing city, which is a natural ecologic and water-source protection barrier. The nation have regarded it as a key region to prevent and control sand-dust; moreover, it is a major region for "returning the land for forest and grass"in Hebei province. The Bashang district locates in the mid-zone agricultural-animal region and the most fragile ecological zone of northern China. Guyuan County is on the southeast margin of Bashang highland. The special nature and culture environment is characteristic in Bashang region. So we take it as research area and conduct a study on the driving mechanism of land use/land cover that will provide experience and pattern for sustainable development in Bashang region; and such research is very important to the improvement of ecologic environment and the increasing of land use efficiency in this area, even more important to the sustainable development of regional economy and ecologic environment in Beijing. After three years'research and study, we develop and summarize the methods and models, driving forces of land use/land cover change and get some primary conclusions: (1)By interpreting and analyzing the two TM satellite data taken in 1987 and 1999, we make a study on the trend of agricultural land, grass, forest, non-cultivated land, construction land and waters area etc., and get some research result about dynamic model of land use based on both single land use type and complicated land use type. A discussion...
Keywords/Search Tags:Bashang district, Guyuan County, Land use/land cover, TM image, Driving mechanism
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