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China-US Relations In The Context Of Northeast Asia Security Structure

Posted on:2006-04-18Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
Country:ChinaCandidate:Y ChenFull Text:PDF
GTID:1116360155460565Subject:International relations
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This dissertation focuses on the interaction between the security pattern of Northeast Asia and China-US relations. It points out that the stability and change of the security pattern in this area has an effective influence on China-US relations and vise versa. Moreover, China-US relations has been the most important and decisive one that was and is effective on security affairs in Northeast Asia, and even on security affairs in East Asia as a whole.Chapter One gives a brief survey of the characteristics of the interaction between the security pattern of Northeast Asia and China-US relations. It shows that both China and the United States could contribute to a better and more stable security pattern of Northeast Asia. In Chapter Two and Three, the author offers a historical survey of the interaction between the security pattern of Northeast Asia and China-US relations and its different characteristics in various periods. Chapter Four analyses three categories of elements that are effective on China-US relations in the framework of Northeast Asian security pattern. Firstly, there are global elements, including international power distribution, international institutions, and foreign policy agenda of the two countries. Secondly, there are regional elements, namely, the security environments, security patterns and security institutions in this area. Thirdly, there are non-security elements in China-US relations among which the main ones are economic interest and ideological difference. Chapter Five examines the patterns and means of security relationship between China and the United States. Namely, these patterns are security antagonism, security competition and security cooperation. The last chapter provides a case study, by which the author gives an expectation of possible cooperation between and contribution by the two countries.Finally, the author concludes that, in the long run, there would be two contradictory movements of the bilateral relationship between China and the United States. On one side, there could be a kind of competition or rivalry between the two countries on global, regional and bilateral affairs by order of scope. On the other, there could be coordination and cooperation from the bilateral, regional to global level of international relations. In the framework of Northeast Asia security patterns, the future bilateral relationship between the two countries depends on the balance of competition and cooperation.
Keywords/Search Tags:Security Pattern of Northeast Asia, China-US Relations, Regional Security, Security Cooperation, Security Institution
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