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Research On The Method Of Electronic Public Service Strategic Management And Its Application

Posted on:2007-01-01Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
Country:ChinaCandidate:G W HuFull Text:PDF
GTID:1116360212965807Subject:Management Science and Engineering
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As the public management paradigms of many countries change rapidly with the information technology revolution, it is undeniable that there will be effects on the operations of government. Parallel to developments of e-Business in the private sector, electronic governance (e-governance) becomes more used within public management. Electronic Public Service (EPS), meaning web-enabled delivery of public services to citizens and facilitating public participation in governance, is one of the most important implementations of e-governance.To deal with the increasing technological possibilities and increasing demands of citizens, many governmental organizations are currently developing and implementing EPS initiatives. However, these efforts prove difficult without systematically planning to EPS initiatives, especially without alignment between EPS strategy and public service strategy. This dissertation discusses the adoption and implementation of strategic management in EPS initiatives based on the current development and implementation of Chinese EPS.The discussion is organized as follows. After a brief introduction, the dissertation proposes a three-level method of strategic management that governmental organizations can use as a reference model for planning their EPS initiatives. After that, this research examines the method to select the content of EPS and the method to select the approach of decision-making used in the process of electronic participation. And then, the research discuss the method to assess the implementation performance EPS, and conducts a Descriptive Statistics analysis to assess the implementation performance of EPS based on the questionnaire, and Linear Regression analysis to explore the interactional relationship among service items. Following the Statistics analysis and Linear Regression analysis, the dissertation conducts a Correlation analysis to examine the relationship between internal-external factors and EPS performance. To augment the Correlation analysis, the research also conducts a One-Way ANOVA analysis to support its findings. Based on the analysis, the thesis makes some suggestions and recommendations undertaken to enhance the performance of EPS initiatives.In conclusion, this dissertation systematically studies on the method of EPS strategy management through academic and empirical aspects based on the currently development and implementation of Chinese local government EPS. There will be positive, theoretic worth and practical significance for the development and implementation of EPS.
Keywords/Search Tags:Electronic Governance, Electronic Public Service, Strategic Management, Strategy Matching, Public Participation
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