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Incremental Revolution: A Research On The Institutional Reform Of The State Council Of The Prc Since 1978

Posted on:2010-05-03Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2196360275972682Subject:Political Theory
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Institutional reform of the State Council of People's Republic of China is the policy action and progress that the Central People's Government changes its organization and management. Its object is to make the actions of the State Council be suitable to the development of the economy and the stability of the society. After six rounds of institutional reform, the mode of organization and the run pattern of the Central People's Government have made a revolutionary progress: the all-round central government that under the planned economy which put all efforts to regulate the society multi-levelly and all-directionally, has become a central government that under market economy which has been characterized as"lean and efficient, perform legitimately, operate coordinately". During the transition, be different from the countries of the former Soviet Union, China had chose the road of incremental revolution. To construct a modern central government in consistent and incremental way is the object of China's institutional reform of the State Council. The contradiction between the emerging elements of market economy and traditional government management modes in planned economic system is the core theme of the institutional reform. During the 30 years of institutional reform, this contradiction has revolutionary means. But because of the heavy tasks of the reform and the complexity of the reality, in specific process of the institutional reform, the political leaders in china had chosen the incremental pushing strategy.Based on the Ecology of public administration, this thesis considers the 30-years institutional reform to be a persistent and incremental revolution of central government organization. The texts of six programs of institutional reform, together with their processes in legislation and operation are the subjects of my research. Also this thesis has made a deep research to the incremental features and the revolutionary features in the process of the institutional reform since 1978. Focus on the constraint elements and real conditions of the environment of the reform; the thesis has put a lot of efforts on the rationality of the road of incremental revolution in central government organization reform. Meanwhile, the thesis has emphasized on the positive impacts and policy failures created by incremental revolution road. In the end, linking up with the fresh round of institutional reform, this thesis discusses the front view of the incremental revolution road in institutional reform.
Keywords/Search Tags:The State Council of the PRC, Institutional reform, Incremental revolution
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