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Institutional Arrangement And Construction Of Performance Evluation System In Service Oriented Government

Posted on:2009-01-15Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
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GTID:1116360245990799Subject:Administrative Management
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Building service-oriented government is the foundation of the reform of administration institution in China. To build service-oriented government, an scientific and rational performance evaluation system is needed that to reinforce the performance evaluation in running functions, improving people's livelihood, providing public service as well as the appraisal and control in building itself, internal administration, learning and developing. It is a new item that to construct a scientific and rational performance evaluation system for service-oriented government based on the goals and practice of Chinese service-oriented government and performance evaluation institutions in western countries with different styles. It can solve the problems in current government performance evaluation in China and improve the building of service-oriented government. The paper is set in the macro background of the New Government Movement in western countries and Chinese administration reform; it studies the experience of western governments'performance evaluation and reflects the practice and academic research in China, and exploits the item of constructing a performance evaluation system of service-oriented government and the institution arrangements. The research is focused on these questions: first, as a new governance pattern, what theory correlation and function relation does the service-oriented government have with the tool of government performance evaluation proposed in the New Government Movement? Second, how to construct a government performance evaluation system and operation guidance suitable for our national conditions that based on macro background of reform of government institutions and the problems existing in current government performance evaluation? Third, what nature attributes do the structural elements of systematic and scientific performance evaluation system have in service-oriented government? And how its institution arrangements can improve the course of Chinese governance reform? The paper expounds the relationship between the performance evaluation of service-oriented government and the construction of service-oriented government, analyses the theoretical foundation and practice basis, and sets up and a performance evaluation system of service-oriented government that includes the structural elements of evaluating subjects, index, evaluating methods, etc.The paper is divided into eight parts. ChapterⅠ: Introduction, including the background and significance of topic, the review of relevant research literature at home and abroad, the research methods and the basic framework. ChapterⅡ: Theoretical foundation and practice basis to a service-oriented government performance evaluation system. It analyses reliable basis of constructing a service-oriented government performance evaluation system and puts forward its structural elements based on revealing the dialectical relationship between the government performance evaluation and building a service-oriented government, with the guidance of the theories of Administration Ecology, Democratic Administration, the New Public Management. ChapterⅢ: Analysis on the subjects of service-oriented government performance evaluation and their behaviors. It queries configuration of evaluation power, the governance structure of evaluation subjects, the general principles of construction by comparing advantages of each subject with the public-oriented and political beliefs of service-oriented government. Chapter IV: Construction of an index system of service-oriented government performance evaluation based on the public service functions. Based on principle of functions, the chapter constructs the foundational dimensions and index system relying on the framework of service-oriented government's functions. Chapter V: Evaluating methods and empirical research of service-oriented government's performance based on the survey of the satisfaction. It demonstrates that performance evaluation should integrate the advantages of objective and quantitative methods with qualitative and subjective ones, and then use the public satisfaction survey index (PSCSI) model and fuzzy comprehensive quantitative evaluation method, measures the job of"8 thing for the public"in Hunan province from 2004 to 2006. Chapter VI: Macro framework and integration of the performance evaluation system of service-oriented government. In this chapter, the scientificalness and relation of performance evaluation system of service-oriented government constructed in the thesis is discussed, as well as the integration of elements of the system. ChapterⅦ: Institutional arrangement for performance evaluation system of service-oriented government. This chapter studies the macro strategies of the from institutional arrangement from the aspects such as to consider the national conditions and solve the difficult of institutional dependence, rely on the reference GPRA and relevant foreign experiences, and promote the government reform and so on, and it finally researches the specific countermeasures of institutional arrangement of a services-oriented government performance evaluation system. ChapterⅧ: Conclusions and research prospects.In this paper, the main conclusions and innovation are lain in: firstly, under the institution of socialist market economy and the people democratic politics, when the service-oriented government is set up as the foundational goal of Chinese government reform, we shouldn't to just copy western experience but to carry out the independent innovation in constructing government performance evaluation system focusing the conditions of government administration and problems in government performance evaluation. Secondly, as a new governance pattern that leads democracy into the field of public management all round, the service-oriented government provides an idealized government pattern for government performance evaluation system which is rich in scientificalness, prospectivity and systematicness, and also provides the new target and institution basis for government performance evaluation system. Conversely, the government performance evaluation provides a new governance tool for push the construction of service-oriented government. Thirdly, with the guidance of public-oriented idea, the performance evaluation system of service-oriented government reflects the service institution of governance cooperated with market and society, and also reflects the government service institution which has the attributes of fair, high-efficiency, accountability. A comparative scientific elements structure and framework of performance evaluation is a system organically composed by evaluating subjects, index, methods and their institution arrangements. Fourthly, the paper measures the performance of the job of"8 thing for the public"in Hunan province from 2004 to 2006 using the system of service-oriented government performance evaluation, that is, government leading and the public participating, based on the scientific function system of government , applying satisfaction measurement in public service and multi-indexes comprehensive appraisal. Fifthly, the institution arrangements of performance evaluation system in service-oriented government can self-develop innovatively and to response and drive Chinese administration reform to develop innovatively as well, so the benign interaction will be form between the institution innovation in government performance evaluation and construction of service-oriented government.In the paper, a comparatively scientific, systematic and rationale performance evaluation system in service-oriented government is put forward, which would provide academic reference for government reform and construction of service-oriented government, present new views and new angle for the research on government performance evaluation theories. It is benefit for richening the theories to perfect the practice of performance evaluation, and supporting the constructing of harmonious society of socialism, and put the conception of scientific development into effect all round.
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