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The Countermeasures Study On Service-oriented Government’s Improvement Of The Performance Evaluation Mechanism In Construction

Posted on:2015-09-18Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2296330431961686Subject:Administrative Management
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Since20th century, China began to research government performance evaluation, the current government performance evaluation is still in the development stage, there are many imperfections both in theory and practice. With the advance of service-oriented government building, making the original sound is not better government performance evaluation mechanism can not adapt to the pace of building service-oriented government. There is an urgent need to properly reflect and summarize a set of performance evaluation mechanism for government services embodied consciousness.Currently in our service-oriented government building performance evaluation mechanism, there are many problems:Such as a lack of scientific and theoretical guidance system, the lack of legal protection, the lack of democracy exist to assess the main government monopoly, the relative lack of scientific index system architecture, the implementation of performance evaluation mechanisms are not in place, etc.This article aims to explore to reflect the service-oriented government performance evaluation mechanism for the purpose of socialism with Chinese characteristics, firstly, from a service-oriented government performance evaluation mechanism background, and perfect the mechanism of this assessment objectives and significance as a starting point; secondly from the service the basic theory-oriented government and government performance evaluation mechanism to start, in-depth analysis of the meaning of service-oriented government, characteristics, and the need to improve the performance evaluation mechanism; then summarizes the status quo of China’s government performance evaluation reveals major problems at this stage of its existence the reason behind the deep; while drawing the practice and experience of Western countries, government performance evaluation; and thus further innovation experiences again, based on service-oriented mechanism to improve government performance assessment. Which the evaluation framework and indicators selected through a mathematical formula to quantify ways to express, through the multi-level analysis of the model, summed suitable conditions and performance evaluation mechanism to properly reflect the inherent requirements of the service-oriented government, service-oriented government performance evaluation mechanism a relatively scientific practices.
Keywords/Search Tags:Service-oriented Government, Performance Evaluation, Public Administration
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