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A Study On The Service-oriented Government Performance Evaluation

Posted on:2006-12-07Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:W Y LiFull Text:PDF
GTID:2166360182975889Subject:Administrative Management
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Along with the establishing and perfecting of the socialistic market economysystem, and with the establishment and enhancement of the four main functions,theeconomical accommodation, the supervising and control of market, the socialmanagement and the public service, the strategy chooses core of the government forreform is to build the Service-oriented Government in the new period.First, this paper introduced the western reengineering government sports andthe domestic background about the foundation of Service-oriented Government,analyzed the present condition and existing problems on government performance inour country, and then, thought that putting Service-oriented Government andperformance evaluation together could produce the positive interaction between them.Then, this paper detailedly analyzed the motive factors on the Service-orientedGovernment's putting forward in our country, and its inbeing, core and characters,and then, established the chart of motive factors and the frame of Service-orientedGovernment's connotation.Based on above, combining the evolution of Service-oriented Government,western and domestic theories and practice of the government performance evaluation,and the institutional basis and targets of performance evaluation endowed byService-oriented Government, this paper founded the Service-oriented Governmentperformance evaluation mode and its strategies and principle of using withestablishing.Finally, this paper upbuilt the equilibrium evaluation index system ofService-oriented Government under the principle of service by the Balance ScoreCard , and established the evaluation index system including scientific proportion bythe Analytic Hierarchy Process.Main conclusions as follows:First, Service-oriented Government's connotation: its inbeing is based onhuman, its start and ending is to serve heart and soul for public society, its core ispublic service, and its characters are the democracy, duty, selflessness, performance,nomocracy and transparence.Secondly, the institutional basis of Service-oriented Government performanceevaluation: decentralization in public management, accountability mechanism,result-based and customer-oriented. And the targets endowed by Service-orientedGovernment :to realize and promote the public benefits;to increase the satisfaction ofpublic society;to promote the reasonable position of government;to establishincorrupt, fair, efficient civil servant's troops.Thirdly, to the Service-oriented Government performance evaluation mode, itsperformance evaluation mechanism's implementation depended on the comparing ofcosts and benefits, practicability, the contradiction with current performance systemand acceptability by the organization itself.This researches will arouse the instructive influence in the foundation ofService-oriented Government and its performance evaluation mode, and has theactual leading meaning, too, for further promoting the performance management ingovernment.
Keywords/Search Tags:Service-oriented Government, Government Performance Evaluation, Evaluation mode, The Balance Score Card, The Analytic Hierarchy Process
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