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The Study On Equalization Of Basic Public Services Of China

Posted on:2010-05-30Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
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GTID:1116360275458483Subject:Scientific socialism
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Public service is the focus of various countries'governments. In China, public service is not only one of the four basic functions of the government, but also the reason for its existence. Therefore, public service should be put in a more important position to meet the requirement of establishing a service-type government. Government should assume main responsibility of basic public service because it, as product and service provided by government to meet society's basic public demand, is the most central and fundamental part of public service and involves citizens'basic rights to live and to develop. In March 2006, the policy goal of"equalizing basic public services", which indicates the direction of our government's basic public service, was initiated in state's"11th five-year"plan. Since then, more and more scholars begin to pay close attention to the issue and carry out their exploratory research from different perspectives. Therefore, it is of important theoretical and practical significance to do some comprehensive and systematic research on equalizing basic public services in our country in current situation. Based on established research and China's economic and social development, studying and absorbing foreign theories and practice on public service, the paper devotes to explore a suited path of equalizing basic public service for China and tries to find something regular to offer some feasible considerations and suggestions for carrying basic public service forward. There are two high spots in the paper's research methods: one is the quantitative analysis on 1596 collections of government documents and statements, the other is the empirical analysis on field surveys carried on Chengdu.The paper is divided into four parts, total seven chapters with reasonable structure and solid logic.The first part, the paper's theory basis, includes introduction and chapter one. The part systematically presents the fundamental theory of equalizing basic public service, including connotation and meaning of basic public service after simply explains the research background, research status, thinking method and the main innovation. Both concepts of public service and basic public service are also defined in the part.The second part, including chapter 2 and 3,is the paper's practical foundation, analyzing situation and reasons of China's basic public service by combining research methods of quantitative analysis and qualitative analysis. Achievements and progress of China's basic public service are summarized in the second chapter; the third chapter basically analyses unbalanced supply problems and reasons existing in basic public service.The third part, namely the fourth chapter,is the paper's international basis. It mainly introduces equalization theories of basic public service abroad, basic public service division among foreign governments and main practice of narrowing the gap of basic public service in foreign countries,with the purpose of offering reference for China's equalizing basic public service.The fourth part, that is, chapter 5, 6 and 7, is the center of the paper. Considerations and suggestions on equalizing basic public service are systematically presented from perspectives of basic concept and principle, system design and policy analysis. This part highlights combining methods of practice and theory, not only literature research, but also empirical research, and puts data and experience obtained by investigation in Chengdu into it, with strong maneuverability.
Keywords/Search Tags:basic public service, equalization, fairness and justice, system design, policy
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