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Study Of Chinese Communist Party Supervision System

Posted on:2010-10-05Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
Country:ChinaCandidate:Q Y DingFull Text:PDF
GTID:1116360275458486Subject:Doctrine of the party and party building
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Inner-Party supervision is a powerful weapon,which maintains party's advanced quality and strengthens the ability of resisting corruption and withstanding risks.Supervision without system is weak;scientific and close system is the key to guarantee the implement of inner-Party supervision,and it's also the guarantee of realizing inner-Party supervision's standard and effective.We must enhance the study of inner-Party supervision's system,scientifically understand and grasp its construction laws and explore new ways of its construction in new situation.It has great theoretical and practical significance to consolidate Party's ruling position, improve Party's ruling ability and comprehensively construct the society with a relatively comfortable life.This paper tries to construct a scientific and reasonable inner-Party supervision system.In the beginning,it systematically puts forward concept innovation of inner-Party supervision system,analyzes correlated theories,and summarizes historical and realistic experiences.Then,it advances three subsidiary systems, including mechanism of inner-Party supervision,concrete institutions and leading system of it.Besides,the paper regards them as systematic frames of inner-Party supervision system,and then analyzes and demonstrates them from various angles, such as theories and practice,history and reality,problems and counter-measures, advices and prospect.The whole paper is made up of preface and six chapters.The preface briefly illustrates significance of selecting the subject of inner-Party supervision system,comments the study's present situation,introduces the paper's research focal points,basic frame,creative points and study ways.The first Chapter is on theoretical analyses of inner-Party supervision system.It explains related concepts including Subject of Party Members,Evil Nature and Restricting Power.These concepts and theoretical foundations provide study category, thinking ways and bases for next chapters.The second chapter is about historical investigation of inner-Party supervision system.Through investigation and analysis of malpractice on developing course of inner-Party supervision system of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union and China, this chapter delineates the following historical enlightenments:we'd better construct inner-Party supervision system around Party's central task;the construction of inner-Party supervision system can't deviate from the development of inner Party democracy;inner-Party supervision with system and subject position of Party members are the cornerstone of constructing inner-Party supervision system.The third chapter is on analyses and construction of inner-Party supervision mechanism.Inner-Party supervision mechanism is a dynamic course of fulfilling the whole supervision functions through essential factors' mutual relation,interaction and restriction of inner-Party supervision.Through analyses and study of the concept and problems of inner-Party supervision mechanism and the relationships of essential factors,the chapter defines and analyzes the innovations of subjects, objects,contents,foundations,handling ways and their relationships of inner-Party supervision mechanism.Besides,it puts forward problems of inner-Party supervision mechanism and provides relevant reforming ways and effective operation models.The fourth chapter is about reforms and improvement of inner-Party supervision's concrete institutions.Concrete institutions of inner-Party supervision are based on constitution,law and party constitution;they are systems of institutions and regulations which are formulated or approved by the Party who has the relevant right.The chapter analyzes the concept,structure,classification and principle of concrete institutions of inner-Party supervision.According to its status quo,concrete institutions of inner-Party supervision can be divided into special supervision institutions and non-special ones.Furthermore,this chapter analyzes existing problems and advances reform's thinking ways and measures.The fifth chapter is on strengthening and blazing new trails of inner-Party supervision's leading system.Leading system of inner-Party supervision is an organizational and structural system,which is mainly composed of organs of party power and organs of party discipline inspection.The chapter emphatically expounds innovation and function of inner-Party supervision's leading system,and reviews its historical and realistic problems.Then,it sums up theoretical foundations of strengthening and creating the inner-Party supervision's leading system,and fatherly advances thinking ways and practical suggestions of its reform and improvement.The sixth chapter is about constructing outer environment which is good for building inner-Party supervision system.The outer environment consists of realistic social environment and outer-Party supervision.Good outer environment is the prerequisite and foundation of developing and improving inner-Party supervision system.This chapter puts forward practical countermeasures and advices on how to optimize its social environment and how to combine inner-Party supervision system and outer-Party supervision system.
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