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Study On Development Strategy Of Incorporeal Capital Of Strategy In China Sports

Posted on:2002-06-25Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
Country:ChinaCandidate:F L LiuFull Text:PDF
GTID:1117360092960167Subject:Physical Education and Training
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Basing on the need to develop the incorporeal capital in China sports , to explain the necessity and feasibility of the study and determine its guiding ideology, purpose and contents, this study took data collecting, social investigation, and specialist interviewing as its data-collecting methods with logic analyzing and dealing with it.The study first made clear the definition, contents, quality and character of incorporeal capital of sports, made the basic idea and general definition of development strategy theory, took the analyzing of all restricted factors as its prerequisite in which internal and international politic and economic environment, the current situation of sports industry and marketing in China , the reforming situation of sports administration system and some relevant policy and law were included. Results showed that the sports incorporeal capital had development superiority as well as challenge.The making of the guiding ideology of strategy should take the perspectives of being active and stable. The strategy aim was made from multi-factors including the administrative system, the construction of policy and law, the competition power, the share of financial output,etc. This article also analyzed the possibility to realize aim; The strategy focus points included the research and construction of relevant policies and laws, the incorporeal capital development of sports organization and competition activity (which included those in Western China) .The strategy stages consisted in laying down solid foundation and making preparing, developing and keeping thoroughly and rapidly; The strategy making is found on the measures and means which were very useful to realize the strategy aim and had practical feasibility and operating character. According to the logic classification , three classification methods systems were established which confirmed the extension of the concept of development strategy of incorporeal capital and had guiding significance to the different subjects to make development strategy.The conclusions as followings: the sports incorporeal capital was restricted by the level of social economic development and has virtuous correlation with the social economic development. The research on sports incorporeal capital is an important research topic. Sports incorporeal capital is the fruit of the people which has commercial characteristics and plentiful contents. The development of sports corporeal capital of China is defined by many factors, it has development superiority as well as challenge. The strategy aim, strategy key point, strategy stage and strategy countermeasure of sports incorporeal capital are confirmed scientifically. Realizing the whole strategy aim is possible. The classification of the development strategy of sports incorporeal capital agrees to the logic classification system..
Keywords/Search Tags:Sports, Sports Icorporeal Capital, Development Strategy, Curbing Factors
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