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Hidden Curriculum In Physical Education--Systematical Theory Construction For HCP.E

Posted on:2001-02-14Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
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GTID:1117360092960171Subject:Physical education teaching theories and methods
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Facing the requirement of cultivating high quality talents for the 21s century, our nation now carries on reform in PE education energetically. Theory construction of HCPE is the fundamental theory study for realizing the reforms of PE in schools and perfecting the structure of PE curriculum. The study mainly adopts the ways of documental material, test paper investigation and educating people race to study systematically the problems of the essence, characteristics, value, design and evaluation in HCPE.HCPE is the name of PE culture which is carried on in schools and presented in the indirect and hidden way according to the educating target and the PE target of school and designed formally. It characterizes in hidden, various, dependent, acceptable, abiding and canty.HCPE is composed of two groups: one is the key elements of material culture which includes all kinds of PE material in schools and physical factors, such as sports ground and equipment; the other group is the key elements of spiritual culture which includes the relationship formed by people in schools in rules or non-rules and the teachers' personalities.HCPE realizes the completement of PE education; it shows directions for the non-hidden curriculum in a certain degree; it arouses students' various psychological elements in the study of non-hidden curriculum, develops students' understanding of non-hidden curriculum and improves the students' study interests; it can speed the development of students' personalities and ideology character.Through our study, we get that the theory mode of the construction HCPE is analyzing mode which characteristics is that the emphasis of designing HCPE is analyzing link and which roots on the current situational analysis for HCPE in schools, so it can avoid the mode of "all in one cut " in the construction of curriculum. The study also proposes some principles for the construction of HCPE, such as combinating through three parts. Unanimous, suitable and cooperative, which provides proof in theory for the construction of HCPE. The article advances some specific conceptions for the construction of HCPE as well.HCPE's teaching ways influence students' by suggesting affecting modeling. And the comprehension process of HCPE is not the simple process of stimulate-response, but a process which is completed in a set of complex psychological activity, for instance, the students choosing, collecting, internalizing and so on. In the process of receiving HCPE, the students are not unactive but must develop initialivity. In accordance with the teaching and receiving mechanism, we put forward some principles of repeating, modifying, paying more attention to the process of activity, respecting the main body, conducting according to schools, classes and time and completing in carrying on HCPE and some specific circumstance teaching method, little community teaching method and motivation teaching method.Evaluation of HCPE is a big problem which can not be evaded. The study makes out several useful evaluational method by observing, test paper investigating and visiting to evaluate HCPE. And some evaluation programs which are more feasible are carried out, but our study is not enough for the evaluation of HCPE and needs every expert to work hard further to settle down well the problem.Experts' test paper investigation demonstrate our fundamental theory of HCPE. The current situational investigation for the HCPE in middle schools reflects that the contents of HCPE have existed in PE subjects but most parts of it have not been paid much attention to, so it works spontaneously and the value of HCPE has not been far away realized.
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