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Posted on:2006-01-08Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
Country:ChinaCandidate:L Q WangFull Text:PDF
GTID:1117360155475051Subject:Curriculum and pedagogy
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Teaching order is a daily conception which we feel both familiar and strange. In the classical field of curriculum and teaching theory , it is still short of professional research. I choose teaching order as the key word to assimilate sufficiently the research achievements in these respects such as classroom discipline , classroom management, etc, and try to card the elements deeply which influent the form and the development of teaching order in wilder study sight. What' s more, I try my best to picture the proceeding of the genesis and development of Teaching order in more practical methods truely.This article is mainly composed of two parts. The first part is about some field research, which aims at the teaching order of elementary school and middle school. The research is focus on foxiao elementary school, xiaguang middle school, etc. It describes the genesis and development of elementary school and high school' s teaching order. Besides, I discuss and reflect on some problems, such as the main character of teaching order in elementary period, the road of oder education with Chinese characteristic, etc.The next part is foucus on teachers' words and deeds on teaching management. The method of reviews are not only rely on the live reviews but also take many kinds of teachers' essays which are in the Internet environment as the objects of my review and analysis. Discuss the teachers' teaching management methods, the characteristic and the style of teaching management, the role and effect of teaching management, the teaching management ability, etc separately. Moreover, through the interview to a special educational organization about the teaching order,I discuss some problems about poor students which exist at large.Besides the preface and the main part, the article provides eight cases of pupils and middle school students. Through these typical stories of oder education, I disscuss the tropism problem of personality and individuation in order education.
Keywords/Search Tags:teaching order, teaching management, elementary school and middle school, field research
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