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Ordinary University Sports Departments Under The View Field Theory Research Of Track And Field Teaching Quality Improvement

Posted on:2015-02-28Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2267330428971612Subject:Physical Education and Training
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With the reform of the talent training scheme at colleges and universities, and the living environment of modern society changes, and the sports department of track and field course teaching has been a certain degree of impact, has a drop in the quality of teaching. And is the main track and field course as the sports department, a drop in the quality of its teaching to the cultivation of sports talents will produce a great influence. So on the basis of previous research, this article attempts to from the Angle of the theory of bourdieu field to the ordinary university athletics course teaching quality are analyzed and discussed, looking forward to the current track and field teaching reform has a certain guiding value.This research USES the literature material method, logic analysis, concept analysis, expert interview method and other research methods, in the perspective of field theory, in order to enhance the ordinary university sports colleges teaching quality of track and field as the research object, from the social field, the school field, three sides facing the issues related to power field are analyzed and discussed, the research says:K From the perspective of field theory about the quality of the ordinary university sports departments of track and field course teaching present situation analysis:the value orientation of social field hit the track and field course; School field restricted the track and field course teaching; Power field cognitive fuzzy interference in the track and field teaching.2、The social field of cognition on the quality of the sports school track and field teaching mainly in the field of cognitive social misfit, leading to the deviation of track and field teaching management as well as the track and field teaching quality depends on the discretion of the track and field teachers’personal quality and so on.3、The reality of the school field track and field teaching value orientation of sports colleges mainly displays in the influence of the exam-oriented education to the impact of school sports, school teaching environment to the track and field teaching and the effect of school organizational climate and the influence of bureaucratic management school; Teachers’ and students’real life, the quality of life and the life value is often neglected, forgotten to teachers’and students’ humanistic care, and to the promotion of human learning.4、The power field of the influence of the inertia of track and field teaching skill training has mainly manifested in the ordinary university sports departments excessively focus on classroom teaching evaluation results of track and field, the lack of evaluation system reform of thinking for students.5> University sports departments the ascension of the teaching quality of track and field mainly from the track and field teaching idea transformation, the public on the "people-oriented" track and field teaching evaluation way of identity,"self-renewal"orientation of teachers’professional development of track and field, track and field teaching management to "rules"; To the track and field teaching as well as a quality concept based on scientific development, strengthen the elements of track and field teaching and scientific research ability of ascension, promote the development of track and field teaching content to diversified value; Want to change at the same time coordination mechanism, strengthen the cultural construction, and want to turn power on, pay attention to the balanced development.
Keywords/Search Tags:Track and field teaching, Quality, Social field, The school field, The field of power
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