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The Study Of Governance Of Chinese Country In The Transition Period

Posted on:2008-02-11Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
Country:ChinaCandidate:C A WangFull Text:PDF
GTID:1117360215453139Subject:Political Theory
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From dominion to governance,it is not only a great change of governmental idea but also a trend of democratic politics.By using political and sociological study methods and following the thought of political governance,the author made a general analysis for the governance and development of Chinese country in 20th century,esp,after the reform and opening. The study involves many perspectives, such as problems which country governance enccounteers, the amanagement of its system and operational mechanism, its influence, etc.From the brief history since 20th century, we can say there are many problems in the development of Chinese.Specially, after abolishing the agricultural tex,the public goods are insufficient generally,the basic governments are always in the embarrassment of organization refom and financial deficiency.Though the analysis to some real issuses, the author studies the various systems and their functions, esp, in the micro-aspect, and penetrate the locations functions and legal positions among country governments, and their party commitees ,village committees, village party commition branches and villages. Besides, from the view in a macro-aspect, We need to analyze the influential factors in a greater and macro-scopic system, i,e, the policy of agricultural development, the price of agricultural products, the policy of tax, the country financial system, the investment to public goods,the development of country market system, land system,cultural tradition.Besides, the author also research some related situation about country government in other countries,esp, India and Taiwan in China.Which will be helpful in the further study.
Keywords/Search Tags:Social Transition, Governance of Country, Village Committee, self-governent of villagers, Clan
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